Mission Statement

Mission of Favor of God:

To serve and train indigenous leader of all ages, to transform their societies with the principles and power of the Gospel. 

Vision of Favor of God:

To see Kingdom principles established and sustained within every sphere of society – education, media, family, business, government, arts, health, and church. 

At Favor of God, we want to see revival of the whole person and the whole community and country. If any area of life is transformed and the others are ignored, the impact will be minimal and the change will probably be a temporary experience. When God told Favor of God to “Turn the light on” to cause the darkness to flee, we believe he called us into the shallowest and deepest corners of life. That is why we feel free to minister to the many types of needs around us in church, government, community, medical, education, business and trade, and the family.

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