Working Together to Bring Sustainable Transformation to Northern Uganda

Favor of God Ministries is an indigenous organization that arose in 2005 in response to God’s heart for northern Uganda during the most horrific war in African history. Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God established and sustained in all institutions of the darkest places on Earth. In religion, family, education, government, media, business, and the arts, God is bringing revival to all levels of society in northern Uganda as desperate people see the favor of the living God.
Favor of God’s mission is to serve and train indigenous leaders of all ages to transform their societies with the principles and power of the Gospel. We are indigenous leaders multiplying leaders on the front lines, and we are a support network throughout the U.S. and Australia holding the ropes so that all whom God calls can go to hell and back to “rescue those being led away to death.” Together we can partner with what God is doing in East Africa by raising awareness, rallying people to pray, letting the world know the powerful works of God, building a team to share the vision, and financially supporting and raising support for the various projects of Favor of God.

God has strategically placed Favor of God Ministries in order to act as a “birthing room” for many of His plans and purposes in northern Uganda. As an inter-denominational group of Christian ministries with a passion for the unity of the Body of Christ, FOGM has been used to unite the leaders of many churches together to bring transformational revival to all areas of life – spiritual, physical, social, emotional, economic, academic, and moral. Revival isn’t finished if it’s not complete. It takes the totality of our lives, and the unity of the commissioned church, to prepare revival. Therefore, our motto is “All of us serving to see the totality of God’s kingdom transforming the totality of nations.” Revival must touch every aspect of society to last. If any area of life is transformed and the others are ignored, the impact will be minimal and the change will probably be a temporary experience.

In Esther, the Persian king Xerxes was so enthralled with her that he offered to give her up to half his kingdom. Herod offered the same to the daughter of Herodius. But God makes no such limit with His church. The favor of God knows no limit. He has already given Himself, and He will continue to freely give all things.

We aren’t a ministry that seeks to just do good things and make a difference. We seek God.

How is this transformation happening?

Prayer is the foundation and “engine room” of Favor of God Ministries. We believe that it is only through effective, fervent prayer, birthed in the heart of God, that lasting fruit is produced. Therefore, we are committed to bathing everything we do in prayer, and to working toward seeing the Church in northern Uganda become “a house of prayer for all nations”. Our vision is that every home, village, camp, church, and community will make prayer the first priority. To this end we have been involved in establishing prayer alters in several camps, regular prayer gatherings, and many city-wide prayer events in Gulu. Our ministry house itself is known as The House of Prayer and welcomes anyone to any of our internal prayer events.

We have always operated by the principle of giving to others first what you need for yourself. Beginning with a few desperate people in prayer, God spoke to us to build His house, and He would build ours. From this prompt we started the House of Prayer in the founders’ hut, which has since grown into a community hub in the center of Gulu attended by 400 people daily. In the beginning Ugandans frequently came to the House of Prayer, each with a vision from God for their nation, and we served, mobilized, and equipped them to see God’s lavish favor in their ministries. Every ministry we operate started and continues in this way, with every part of us supporting the work of indigenous leaders in their own spheres of influence. Finally, the Ugandans immediately served and prayed for their brothers in surrounding nations, seeing their own war end as they prayed for the end of war in Sudan.

By building God’s house, He supplied ours. By giving our house to indigenous visionaries, ministries were birthed. By reaching out to surrounding nations, these ministries saw their own nation transformed. The ripple effects of fervent prayer and sacrificed lives are spreading across East Africa, and they need not ever stop.

Love is the driving force of all that God does, because God is love. Therefore, we seek to love God with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves…even if those neighbors are not working with us. We help anyone who requests our help, if God gives us the power to do so. In God’s love, we care for 31 orphans through the House of Hope Ministry. We distribute clothing, food, and other necessities in the IDP camps and in Gulu town. We have a flourishing trauma counseling program that brings forgiveness and reconciliation to the victims of war through Christ’s love. And we seek to provide an atmosphere in our ministries where all who access our services know without doubt that God loves them.

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” Jesus demonstrated that love for us all on the cross. We, therefore, are committed to lay down our lives to “seek and to (see) saved those who are lost.” We are committed to bringing the Good News of God’s love to East Africa and to equipping believers with an understanding of Who Jesus is and of the abundant life in His Kingdom. We are committed to shining the Light in every dark area in order to see people walk free because of the power of His Truth. We do this through evangelistic crusades, portable Bible schools in the IDP camps (including Mailbox Club for camp children), New Life Bible College, campus ministry, and our prison ministries.

The Kingdom is Here

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