Primary School

Our vision for the children — is that Favor of God Primary School would stand out as a school that holds to firm standards, and whose graduates are well-equipped and prepared for university, for employment and for life. 

Most schools in northern Uganda have the student to teacher ratio at approximately 100 to 1. In those situations, and due to the sheer numbers, the children are not able to learn critical thinking, nor are they being challenged to really fully understand & comprehend information given.

Further, many students fall behind as there is no extra time to dedicate to those who are experiencing difficulties. Regardless, these children too continue to be passed on to the next grade, all the while not learning or growing in their educational knowledge.  Unfortunately, these partially educated youth will be nonetheless hired based purely on holding a diploma.  And this is not taking into account their abilities, skills; nor their acumen to actually process & apply knowledge & information.

In response, Carole saw the intense need of the children and didn’t want more generations of young people hungry for knowledge, not able to have that thirst for knowledge satisfied.  As a result, Favor of God opened a primary school in 2008. Our intent from the inception is to maintain a student to teacher ratio at 30:1.  This way every student’s education will be complete.  Additionally, we strive to make a difference in our community through a focused and loving education.  Along with their studies, the students are also instructed in the Bible and Christian living.

Our vision for Favor of God Primary School, is that it will stand out as an exceptional school. One that holds to high standards of ethics, morals, preparation, integrity, character.  Teaching & preparing the students to excel in every aspect of life.  Such a school whose graduates are well-equipped and well-prepared for university, for employment and for life!

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