Portable Bible Schools

Portable Bible Schools (PBS) are two-month Bible training programs which are held in IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps and remote villages. Only two years ago, there were over 140 camps with over 1.5 million people living in crowded and desperate conditions, with very little church presence or gospel witness. Now many IDP camps have disbanded as people begin gaining the courage to return home to resettle. However, there are still many IDP camps existing as people lack motivation and hope of being able to create normal life again.

Before a PBS team enters an IDP camp or village, it is preceded by Favor of God’s prayer team to do any necessary spiritual warfare or breaking down of demonic altars. Spiritual warfare is followed by a two week-long Trauma Counseling program that helps people address their horrifying experiences, learn how to cope and forgive, and become open to Jesus the one who suffered and forgave. Only then will the PBS team enter with evangelism, Biblical teaching, and training for church leaders in church leadership, youth and children’s work, and prayer.

Each school has an average enrollment of 100 students. The students spend the morning in classes covering Bible content, principles for Christian living, doctrine, ministry skills, evangelism, discipleship, and other topics. Then in the afternoons they practice the concepts taught in the morning through door-to-door evangelism, youth and children’s camps (averaging 350 attendees), discipleship classes, and prayer leadership. The PBS’s also include a three-day crusade with the Jesus film, a medical outreach, Bible distribution, clothing distribution (as available), ministry to the local military, and Child Evangelism Fellowship’s “Mailbox Club,” which brings the Gospel and Bible training to children.

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