Medical Outreach — A hand reached out in healing

The medical needs of the people of northern Uganda are enormous. Many camps and resettlement villages have no medical personnel or facilities at all. For those that do have facilities, they continue to lack even the most basic medical supplies and medications.

Additionally, with an estimated 85% unemployment rate, the people are typically unable to afford any medication or medical treatment for themselves or their children.

The doctor to patient ratio in all of Uganda is 1:40,000, with a much less advantageous ratio north of the Nile River. People feel helpless, and then tend to look to local witch doctors for medical help. As you can imagine, the witch doctors only cause more harm — both physically and spiritually.

Coinciding with that, is the rampant general ignorance of basic sanitation & healthcare practices, being further fueled by traditional beliefs and long held practices. Because of these combined situations, diseases which could ordinarily be avoided or easily treated by simple first aid or community health knowledge, instead often lead to serious, life-threatening illnesses.

Medical Clinic and Mobile Clinics

Favor of God’s small medical clinic serves:

  • the staff
  • children
  • Bible school students
  • the children’s school
  • and various parts of the community

With our mobile clinics, medical teams travel to rural IDP camps and villages with:

  • medical supplies
  • basic health education
  • HIV teaching
  • prevention education
  • first aid
  • and diagnosis and treatment of simple diseases

Community Health Program

Our community health program includes:

  • HIV prevention
  • mother and child health
  • sanitation
  • nutrition
  • prevention of communicable diseases
  • safety
  • first aid
  • water purification
  • hygiene
  • teaching that promotes physical and spiritual health

This course is taught to the entire staff of Favor of God Ministries, who in turn are teaching it as they disperse to their different ministries in the community, IDP camps and villages.

Our Future

Our goal is to train key leaders in the community, camps, and resettlement villages in all areas of community & preventative health. It is to jointly establish an ongoing relationship with resettlement villages, providing health care on a routine basis in those areas that are either underserved or without health care entirely.

Additionally, our vision and desire encompasses the ability to build a Medical & Healing Center within Gulu. This Center would serve the whole community, and expand into the surrounding areas. The goal is to provide high quality healthcare, along with a high standard of healthcare to all. The Center will focus on:

  • prayer
  • evangelism ministry
  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • preventative teaching of diseases.

The Center would also necessarily serve as a pivotal resource center for our community health outreach, along with a high standard of health care. The cost for the Center, ranges from basic services at a cost of approximately $113,518. Whereas, a fully complete facility would run up to $191,925.

In order to pursue our vision for the Mobile Medical Outreach, we need a more complete Mobile Medical Clinic which would travel to far reaching & remote villages to provide routine health care. This mobile clinic would be housed within a fully equipped vehicle that would be able to navigate in the roughest driving conditions. The cost for such a mobile unit, is estimated at about $110,000.

Our plan for such a mobile medical facility, is to first begin with a model village. Once that is proven to be successfully running, we will then incrementally progress with additional mobile medical clinics, village by village, until we achieve our hoped for goal of as many as 20 villages.

Our targets for the mobile outreach are:

  • hygiene
  • sanitation
  • nutrition
  • childhood disease prevention with immunizations
  • ante partial care
  • family planning
  • malaria prevention
  • HIV prevention/education.

Our plan includes training leaders within these remote villages.  Therefore, they in turn are able to empower their people to have the knowledge to make informed health care decisions for themselves and their families.

Additionally, we will also continually provide ongoing training of our staff. In so doing, the staff stays up to date and well equipped to train others while they are out in the camps conducting Portable Bible Schools and Trauma Counseling. The education materials for this training will cost about $22,000.

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