Children are the future — House of Hope Children’s Home


We believe that the children of northern Uganda are vital to a future of revival, growth, and peace.




Join the House of Hope family by sponsoring one of these precious orphans. Your partnership pays for the total care of a child – including:

  • a loving place to live
  • daily meals
  • medical care
  • a Christian education (Proverbs 22:6)

And for those children who are sponsored, we so welcome your letters so that “your” child can receive their own special correspondence from you, their sponsor. Through this communication, the child gets to know you, pray for you, and know that he/she is also being prayed for.

Over the last 23 years, as many as 66,000 children have been abducted in northern Uganda. About 1.2 million children have been orphaned by AIDS in all of Uganda. Also, there are witch doctors still practicing black magic & abducting children in their communities for use in human sacrifices. Horrific!!

Just like all other children in the world, the children of northern Uganda need to be

rescued * protected * loved

educated * discipled * trained * mentored

At Favor of God Ministries, we opened the House of Hope Children’s Home because we believe that the children of northern Uganda are vital to a future of revival, growth, and peace.

The House of Hope is a family based home where orphans have found love, healing, laughter, and hope again. It now houses 33 children who are cared for until they complete their schooling and have successfully entered into adulthood. The home’s loving environment focuses on:

  • spiritual and emotional healing for each child
  • nutritional and medical needs
  • social and life skills
  • academic training and development
  • building a strong foundation of love, respect, prayer, worship, and the knowledge of God’s Word

Our future vision for the children of northern Uganda, is to build a children’s village. For that, we currently own 10 acres of land where we hope to construct family-style dwellings. It is our desire that each house can provide a home for 8-10 children with a widow put in place as the house mother into each separate house.

It is also our desire to have this children’s village self-sustaining, by providing on the property:

  • a school
  • a clinic
  • vegetable gardens for sustenance
  • animal facilities such as corrals, coops, pens
  • sports facilities

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