HIV Prevention

We believe that Favor of God can help stop the spread of HIV in northern Uganda by filling the community with positive teaching and role modeling.

We advocate prevention based on medical knowledge and the application of God’s Word to each one’s life and lifestyle. We know teaching the young people, can bring about change to this region of the world. Proverbs 22:6

Approximately 2,100 young people contract HIV every day.1  In 2013, it is reported that about 4 million young people, 15-24 years, were infected with HIV.  29% of these were under 19.2   Unfortunately, the African youth’s primary cause of death, is AIDS.  Whereas worldwide, AIDS remains the second-leading cause of death among the young.3

The majority of these young people worldwide, are from low- and middle-income countries, with 85% in sub-Saharan Africa.  Countries in this region, due to extensive & multiple wars, primarily consist of young people which is considered to continue to increase in numbers until 2050.4   For instance, 51% of South Sudan are under 18,5 and thus more likely to engage in unprotected sex, therefore further perpetuating the spread of HIV infections in even more young people.6

From 2005 and 2012, AIDS-related deaths rose by 50% among the young people. However, this vastly contrasts to the  30% reduction worldwide of those living with HIV.7

South Sudan HIV and AIDS estimates (2015)

  • Number of people living with HIV> 180,000 [110,000 – 240,000]
  • Adults aged 15-49 prevalence rate> 2.5% [1.6% – 3.4%]
  • Adults aged 15+ living with HIV> 170,000 [110,000 – 220,000]
  • Women aged 15+ living with HIV> 97,000 [63,000 – 130,000]
  • Children aged 0-14 living with HIV> 14,000 [9200 – 19,000]
  • Deaths due to AIDS> 12,000 [7300 – 16,000]
  • Orphans due to AIDS aged 0-17> 100,000 [68 000 – 140 000]


“…you could be in a bad situation yet you are sick and on medication. At the same time you may not have anything to eat… you look for a man who can help you. Then that man will give you conditions… if you are going to have sex with him with a condom he will give you Uganda Shillings (UGX) 2,000/ =, then he says that if it is without a condom he will give you 20,000/=. Because you can’t help yourself, there is no way you can leave UGX 20,000/= and go for UGX 2,000/” Female sex worker, Malaba


Any number of people living with AIDS is too many people!!!  We therefore teach and exemplify abstinence until marriage, morality, family values, work ethics, self esteem and one-partner marriages.

Our vision is to see the challenge of HIV arrested. In order for this to occur, CHANGE must first occur.  And we know this change must begin in the heart of each person. Only then, will that tenet be passed down throughout future generations. Titus 2


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