Evangelism / Crusades

We hold crusade gatherings of 200-2000 people who are presented with the gospel message of salvation, healing, and transformation with discipleship following. The Favor of God team reaches out through evangelism door to door in the community of Gulu as well as through the Portable Bible Schools in the IDP camps and remote villages. The door-to-door ministry is often followed by crusade gatherings of 200-2,000 people where Favor of God presents the gospel message of salvation, healing, and transformation. Each crusade is followed by the opportunity for on-going discipleship.

Youth Evangelism

We facilitate a city-wide youth vision which involves all the pastors and churches within the Gulu district. We work together to reach the hundreds and thousands of youth, the “forgotten generation” born during the war. Many are escaped rebels or who are parentless, have no homes, no education, no aim or direction, and are becoming increasingly involved in prostitution, drugs, crime, and gangs. The youth who do have education and families are often mentorless and confused from the atrocities that constatnly surrounded them with the war. We minister to this valuable group with the following:

Bible Study Groups

After scheduled city-wide crusades and evangelism, we disciple the youth by creating cell groups, youth Bible studies, and discipleship groups of all kinds within the homes, churches, and schools in their own communities. Sports Evangelism – The youth of northern Uganda are lost and seemingly hopeless. Building morality and self esteem is vital. Favor of God strives to do this through sports teams and events. We also focus on workshops, planning for small jobs and ways to earn school fees, HIV prevention, and other events related to youth issues and needs.

School Outreach

The public school systems are open doors of ministry in Uganda. The schools in the north requested Bibles from Favor of God to be used as textbooks and readers. In the schools we also use sports evangelism as well as Bible study groups.

University Outreach

University leaders asked Favor of God to provide leadership training and on-campus Bible studies. Our own Missions Training Course continues this training with further ministry equipping.

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