Agriculture/Business Projects

Income-Generating Projects – Business as Missions

Our vision is to see income-generating projects continue to be developed through Favor of God Ministries. This income will help sustain the ministries long term, continue to bless the community as Favor of God tithes to urban and rural churches for their building and expansion, offer more jobs to the community in a society where there is 80% unemployment, model kingdom business principles, and help to rebuild the infrastructure of a society for the glory and honor of the name of Jesus and his Kingdom.

Agriculture and Livestock

We currently have a chicken farm and a piggery. Plans are in place for adding a goat farm, and additional milk cows for the resale of milk to local dairies. Vegetable gardens and fruit trees supply food for our House of Hope Children’s Home and for sale in the market. More are continually being grown and developed.

Fish Farming

Favor of God has the vision to someday begin the development of a fish farm on a 10-acre property. This farm is a larger income-generating vision and will be built on our Children’s village acreage. There is a high potential for growth and large amounts of profit at a fast turnaround rate as the market for fish is very much in demand throughout Uganda.

Duplex Rental

We own six complete duplex apartments each having 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, kitchen, and storage room. The final four are currently under construction. They will be completely furnished with running water and electricity. All of them will be used for rental to missionaries, Mission Training Course students, or other community needs. Rental property is in high demand in Gulu, and the income generated by these apartments will be a continual flow into the ministry’s budget.

Favor of God Primary School

Our school can accept school fees just like all other schools in Uganda.

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