Staff Prayer

The staff of Favor of God meets every morning for prayer and worship. This time is the center of Favor of God. We rely on this time for God’s direction for the day, but it is also vital to simply minister to the Lord at the beginning of each day – remembering that He is our goal and reward. He is the reason we wake up and try to make a difference. Because God so desperately loves the people of northern Uganda, we desperately love them and want to serve them. When the ministry hits a roadblock, we stop and corporately pray. When a crisis occurs in the community or nation, we stop and pray. When another nation is suffering, we stop and pray. When everything is going our way and we see regular successes, we stop and pray. Favor of God isn’t a ministry that seeks to do good things and make a difference. We seek God. We want to be where He is and do what we see Him doing. If God wants us to feverishly work to serve our community and make a profound impact, we gladly move forward. If God wants us to stop everything for an entire week and just be with Him in prayer and worship, that is our goal for that week. We can’t respond to the need all around us, we must only look to God and respond to Him.

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