Community Networking and Ministry

One of Favor of God’s main goals is unity in the body of Christ. We do not strive to make Favor of God the only and best ministry in Gulu. We don’t want our community to rely on our services. Every ministry and outreach is accomplished through the local churches, and we also partner with other NGO’s in the area. God wants his people to work together in every capacity, and so often organizations and churches find themselves in competition with one another. This is especially true in developing countries where foreign aid, organizations, and churches are constantly coming in with money and ideas. With each new organization, each new idea, and each new possibility for division, Favor of God strives to act as glue that will keep everyone in the body of Christ together. Even as the enemy brings in his tactics and tools to separate, God can use everything for good. We can remain united and strong when that is our focus.

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