South Sudan National Prayer Gathering

Repentance, Revival, and Restoration

Favour Africa, in conjunction with the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) and with all other churches in South Sudan, invites all people to come and pray for peace and healing of our nation.

July 13 – July 19, 2015

8am-6pm daily, plus evening prayer walks (Sunday 2pm-6pm)

Nyakuron Cultural Center, Juba


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Please pray and fast for the South Sudanese people and for the National Prayer Gathering. Please let us know you’re praying by contacting us.  Please download the official prayer guide.

Africa is praying for you! To submit your prayer requests, please click here.

South Sudanese indigenous leaders need your financial support, and further support is needed to facilitate the National Prayer Gathering.  Please click here to give, write a memo that your gift is for South Sudan, and we will make sure your gift directly supports this new nation for whom God has great plans!

Information about the South Sudan National Prayer Gathering

Carole Ward Juba Update and Prayer Gathering Announcement

Letter from Carole Ward about the National Prayer Gathering

Dear Friend,

There is a song written, called “What if my people prayed?”

Oh, how I yearn for there to be no ‘What if’s’. Let’s just pray with all our hearts while we have the time, still have the breath, and people are still alive, yearning for their land to be healed.

Can we pray with South Sudan in total identification, as Daniel did in chapter 9, for his people, the Jews, even from a land of captivity? Can we pray with rent hearts, (Joel 2:12-29), as if the land is our own, the children dying are our own, and the future of the nation is in the hands of the church, as the Lord Jesus tells us it is in Ephesians and Psalms 2:8?

The Father’s heart is after healing, forgiveness, and the testimony of transformation, of lives and nations. It is all through the Word.  This national prayer gathering will be only reading the Word, as in the book of Ezra 9 and 10, corporately praying, crying out the Lord for a baptism of II Chronicles 7:14 and heartfelt worship.

When I look at the nation of South Sudan, and others see a bloodbath of precious, innocent lives- men, women and children, being slaughtered, with no way to count the numbers dying- I see a nation bathed in the precious blood of Jesus- which pours over that land at such a high, high cost.

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Sign-up for churches to pray and fast leading up to the event

Letter sent to all S Sudan pastors sharing scripture and vision for the prayer gathering

Letter to all S Sudan pastors

Read the whole letter, Carole’s biography, and a brief history.

Article about the power of transformational prayer

Have you ever thought about this question, “What would have happened differently, if I had really prayed?”  Read More

Event invitation designed in and distributed all over South Sudan

Download the Prayer Guide







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