Letter from Carole Ward about the South Sudan National Prayer Gathering

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A Nation on It’s Knees – II Chronicles 7:14 / Joel 2:12-29

Dear Friend,

There is a song written, called “What if my people prayed?”

Oh, how I yearn for there to be no ‘What if’s’. Let’s just pray with all our hearts while we have the time, still have the breath, and people are still alive, yearning for their land to be healed.

Can we pray with South Sudan in total identification, as Daniel did in chapter 9, for his people, the Jews, even from a land of captivity? Can we pray with rent hearts, (Joel 2:12-29), as if the land is our own, the children dying are our own, and the future of the nation is in the hands of the church, as the Lord Jesus tells us it is in Ephesians and Psalms 2:8?

The Father’s heart is after healing, forgiveness, and the testimony of transformation, of lives and nations. It is all through the Word.  This national prayer gathering will be only reading the Word, as in the book of Ezra 9 and 10, corporately praying, crying out the Lord for a baptism of II Chronicles 7:14 and heartfelt worship.

When I look at the nation of South Sudan, and others see a bloodbath of precious, innocent lives- men, women and children, being slaughtered, with no way to count the numbers dying- I see a nation bathed in the precious blood of Jesus- which pours over that land at such a high, high cost.

Jesus’ life- spotless, sinless, worthy, the Son of God, the perfect Lamb, so willingly slain, and suffering, HIS blood covering that nation! Mingled with His tears as He weeps over the Sudanese the way He might have wept over Jerusalem.

‘For we have slain the prophets, stoned them, and missed the day of our visitation……but Oh how He yearns to gather us all, the precious Sudanese bride that He purchased at such a price….under His wings, and draw them close to His heart….in healing, in love, in redemption, and in restoration…….’

On June 3, Uganda entered a 40-day prayer and fasting chain as the body of Christ for this nation and with this nation, covering every hour in continuous prayer. Please join us in this. Each church in each of these nations- is taking one full day- to fast as a church- then covering the 24-hour period with an unbroken prayer chain. We will attach that prayer sign up sheet if you would like to use it for your church or prayer group.

Then we will gather together in the Culture Stadium in Juba, on our knees and some on our faces, in prayer and worship, the Word and the response to it, before the Lord for 7 days, from July 13-19th.

We are praying for an outpouring of II Chronicles 7:14- like never before! God has promised healing, IF WE…. His people, return, repent, humble ourselves, seek His face.

How gracious our Father is!! How merciful, long-suffering, full of compassion, and kindness. Again and again He forgave and delivered His people when they repented, turned back to Him, forsook their idolatry, sin, and divided hearts. He heard their cries and healed their land.

I’m attaching the flyer for the Stadium prayer gathering, and ask you to send it to everyone you know. Put it on your social media lists, send it to your church mail outs, your home groups, business phone lists, neighbors, family, and friends.

Let’s pray for this nation at such a time as this. South Sudan is one of the richest countries in Africa, in terms of resources, and so is the most sought after by other countries for business and development.

They have had 55 years of consecutive guerrilla warfare, the longest in the history of the world.

They are the newest nation in the world, and yet still one of the most ravaged by horrible bloodshed.

They are a nation who borders the Islamic nations of northern Africa, holding back, the tide of darkness that could sweep downward on the whole continent.

They are the entrance into the 10/40 window to the nations of northern Africa. South Sudan is right on the ‘tension belt’ of Africa, with thousands of people still unreached by the Gospel, and God’s transforming power.

Will you pray? Will you really believe with us, that if we ask Him for nations, as He told us to do, He will give them to us?
Will you believe that Jesus, our Savior, is alone worthy of the reward of His suffering, and that the harvest yet to be reached, will still be brought in while there’s time before the Lord returns?

Will you believe, and because you believe, will you give, and will you pray? There is an urgent need to clear $25,000 for the stadium rental and expenses for the Prayer Gathering.

If you would like to join the US in this 40-day prayer chain– unbroken, every hour, please feel free to write us back with your participation, at info@favorofgod.org.

How encouraging it is, to be in unity, for commanded blessings, at such a time as this!!
The cries of our hearts…….


Africa hugs you and so does our Father,

With much love,

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