Motorcycles for Rural Pastors in South Sudan

The feet of those who go with the Gospel may be beautiful, but it takes a motorcycle to reach these places!

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A Favor of God motorbike
An example of the roads that must be traversed in order to bring transformation
Pastor Zallon using a motorbike
Pastor Zallon using a motorbike
“9 out of 10 missionaries minister in urban areas rather than rural areas. “

Favor of God Ministries will send 50 pastors on motorcycles with the tools they need to spread the Gospel in every state in South Sudan. These pastors receive 5 months of specialized training that focus on developing skills in the areas of Bible training, community health, and literacy. This specialized training allows pastors to facilitate community development along with spiritual transformation as well as future plans for income generation.

By investing into this project, you can help build community and spiritual infrastructure in the newest country in the world. Each $7,500 sum raised will fund the pastoral training, motorcycle, solar-powered tools, Bibles and curriculums necessary to send one pastor out to impact South Sudan for God.

Fact: South Sudan – a nation about the size of Texas – had only 35 miles of paved roads as of Dec. 2013. (source)

We invite you to share in the privilege of making a difference for sustainable transformation in thousands of lives each day.

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