Ishmael’s Testimony

The most amazing story of transformation I’ve seen in a long time just walked through our door.

Ishmael, a staunch Muslim all his life, and a soldier in the South Sudanese army for 20 years, walked into our House of Prayer in Gulu, as he was planning his suicide. He asked if he could find Jesus there. He fell on his knees, weeping and repenting like a lost son who just came home.

But that’s not all. He is now in our Bible school program, going through trauma counseling, reading through the Bible in 2 weeks, studying Bible study books – several a day, and preaching in the prisons, open air crusades, villages, and churches with our ministry teams, in just 2 months’ time. He is under spiritual covering and getting grounded in the Word rapidly, and as fast as he’s learning, he’s teaching others.

I want you to watch the links of his conversion testimony above (recorded that day he came in), and where he is now (video below). The transformation in his life has been astounding.

Ishmael’s life encapsulates our whole vision at Favor of God. We’re here reaching others like Ishmael, empowering them, and sending them. We are able to do so, because you’ve stood with us – in monthly support, in gifts, in prayer, in building the radio station – With all our hearts, we thank you!

The Muslims saved, set free, and sent, will win the Muslim world to Jesus, faster than you and I can even think about it. Please click to see this article that was sent to me, describing God’s unprecedented move globally that we are seeing throughout northeast Africa. Saved Muslims are the greatest evangelists into the Muslim world, and we are witnesses to this reality!

This season is an “accelerated harvest” we’re seeing that God talks about in Amos 9 and Acts 15.

We have to get up and take action! I’m getting calls from the new Muslim believers from Khartoum, Darfur, and northern Sudan – “When are you coming to help us – to train and equip us, so we can get the Gospel faster, back into these closed nations, and reach our own people before it’s too late?” We must GO! And can only GO, if you help send us. What part of the word “GO” do you want to act on?

We’re not just here doing a little mission work – No, we are strategically stationed for Operation Mobilization, to reach Northern Africa with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ while we still have the time. But we can only do this if you will join arms, join voices, and join forces with us in this effort.

I am praying for, and challenge you to think and pray about committing to give monthly starting now, through the end of 2016, toward this $50,000 monthly operational foundation, to train, sustain, and send. Some can do more, and some less, but make a commitment with us – to raise up, train up, and send out, a called and equipped African church, to reach the ends of Africa with the Gospel!!

Know that we love you and appreciate you with all our hearts!

With love,

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