Missions Challenge: Support the Foundation of National Transformation

Through a large and committed indigenous base of zealous, trained, and passionate African  missionaries called “Favor of God,” the Lord has:

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  • Opened a House of Prayer, which is a community hub for ongoing prayer gatherings, conferences, training, and outreaches into prisons, hospitals, and military barracks. This “engine” of all ministry activities reaches up to 400 community members daily.
  • Built a full-time Christian radio station reaching over 7 million people, teaching on the Word, health, small businesses, community development, peace and reconciliation, family values, character, and work ethics.
  • Established one of the academically highest-achieving primary schools in Northern Uganda, serving 400 children and reaching the unchurched with indigenized Christian curriculum.
  • Graduated more than 500 leaders from our two-year Bible school campus. These leaders are multiplying their discipleship in their communities all over the region and sharing practical life skills from accounting to masonry to farming and many other income-generating activities.
  • Facilitated trauma rehabilitation in which over 40,000 people have given their lives to the Lord Jesus while receiving emotional healing after the war.
  • Trained 5,000+ new believers in rural village Bible school settings. Equipped trained leadership to multiply discipleship continually through portable Bible schools, church planting, Bible distribution, and pastoral equipping.
  • Opened a child development centre, educated orphaned children, and established the children in family dwellings with continual support and education.
  • Facilitated prison and military outreaches bringing revival and implementing Biblical leadership development within men’s and women’s prisons.
  • Started government ministries teaching national transformation and equipping political offices with discipleship tools. Governors and Commissioners in Northern Uganda and South Sudan have been saved, as well as police, tribal chiefs, and business leaders.
  • Expanded ministry properties to include offices, resource center, radio station, house of prayer, House of Hope children’s village, small farm, and Bible school campus.
  • Distributed over 40,000 Bibles in more than twelve languages across two nations, as well as hundreds of solar audio players for the non-literate.
  • Held evangelistic crusades throughout Northern Uganda and South Sudan with attendances of over 1 million.
  • Established a farm with livestock, vegetables, and crops to help supply the children, staff, and Bible school students with food. Equipping youth and community with farming and life skills.
  • Spearheaded village resettlement projects, including church building structures, roofing, well drilling, livestock development, and brickmaking through village co-ops and youth leadership.
  • Hosted multiple long- and short-term mission teams for sports evangelism, medical, accounting, teaching, church planting, and leadership training.
  • Conducted multiple mobile medical clinics with an evangelical focus in remote village areas where there are no churches or clinics.
  • Hosted hundreds of seminars, conferences, and training on marriage, leadership, self sustainability, school of business, child development, widow’s income generation, chronological Bible storying for non-literate people groups, Muslim evangelism, village resettlement, pastoral development and church growth, character development, and health education and disease prevention.
  • Prepared a South Sudan Radio license ready to be open and activated: Favour FM. It will be the first full-time Christian radio to begin 24/7 in South Sudan.
  • Seen literally millions come to the Lord Jesus in salvation through all avenues of outreach.
  • Seen wars ended, ebola stopped, and strongholds of darkness pushed back through the power of corporate prayer and weeks of prayer.

10 year anniversary for Favor of God! Look what the Lord has done!!!

Thank you for giving to the Lord! “…as you did it for the least of these, my brothers, you have done it to Me…” (Matt. 25:40)

People love giving to special projects, but the unsung heroes are those who provide the support critical to the daily operation of this ministry. These “base” operations are springboard to our every initiative and to every soul saved:

$50,000 a month is needed to run all of our base operations and have room to grow.

Favor of God: Gulu, Uganda

In Gulu your gifts support 60 full-time indigenous missionaries, including these team members:

  • Radio Station, 6 staff: reaches 5-7 million listeners daily, teaching the Word, health, business, reconciliation, family, ethics, etc.
  • House of Prayer, 5 staff: reaches 400 community members daily with community restoration. It is the “engine” of all ministry activities.
  • Favor of God Office, 10 staff: accountants, drivers, cooks, guards, and maintenance operating the ministry and income-generating projects.
  • Field Ministry, 5 staff: portable Bible schools, church planting, discipleship, Bible distribution, leadership training, and pastoral equipping.
  • Primary School, 25 staff: teachers and support staff operating a top school evangelizing the community and developing leaders for the coming generation.
  • House of Hope, 5 staff: 32 children given physical, social, spiritual, medical, and academic support, plus community children supported in foster care settings.
  • Rural and Local Outreaches, 4 staff: Government national transformation dinners, prison ministry, mobile medical clinics, and outreaches for military, widows, and orphans.
  • Equipment: rent, bills, and maintenance for vehicles, farming, and community offerings to support widows and orphans. Construction and improvement of buildings. Vehicles are in need of replacement.

Favour Africa: South Sudan

In South Sudan your gifts support 5 full-time Indigenous Missionaries who work as our:

  • Indigenous Operational Ministry Managers
  • Bible School Teachers and Field Trainers
  • Radio Staff Your gifts ALSO support the initiation and extension of Christian media development throughout South Sudan

Favor of God: United States

In the United States, your gifts support our:

  • Part Time Accountant
  • Media and I.T. Directors (working from home)
  • Ministry Director’s Support (Carole)


We invite you to share in the privilege of making a difference for sustainable transformation in thousands of lives each day.

Would you partner with us for $1,000 a month for one year?

Would you partner with us for a monthly gift of $100, $200 or even $500?

Will you stand with us for any amount monthly, so we can count on your “running the race” alongside us, to fulfill the field and ministry missions ahead of us this year?

What part will you play in this race?

Support the Foundation of National Transformation

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