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Every ministry we do requires money because we hire Ugandans to be full-time ministers, admin, teachers, house mamas for the kids, and house and kitchen staff. We are thrilled to be able to do this in a country that has 60% unemployment. In addition, we have many other costs like rent on our office building and House of Hope homes; daily living costs for our 33 House of Hope children; maintaining our three vehicles; lunch for the staff; Bibles to hand out in discipleship; education materials for the primary school, Portable Bible Schools, and Trauma Counseling; and gifts for the prison inmates and people we minister to in the IDP camps.

Your commitment to partner with Favor of God is a powerful step in bringing the Light to northern Uganda and working for a more hopeful future. It is the goal of FOGM to someday be self-sustainable. This is a goal that will be achieved gradually as the economy in the north is constantly shifting and currently very weak. As we work toward this goal, your donations and regular giving is the partnership we need to continue our ministry and grow to reach more of northern Uganda and the neighboring countries.

You can choose to sponsor one of our House of Hope children. Your sponsorship will provide daily meals, medical care, a Christian education, and a loving home with the House of Hope family. Spread the Word

  1. Share directly with your friends what you have learned.
  2. Encourage your work, school, and church to get involved in the cause.
  3. Host a dinner party to raise awareness and get people to take part in supporting the vision to rebuild northern Uganda and provide hope for a hurting generation.
  4. Ask if you can share about what God is doing at Favor of God and in northern Uganda at your church.
  5. Ask local business if they would like to partner with Favor of God to help accomplish the vision
  6. Set out a coin jar for people to donate loose change
  7. Recycling for Uganda. Encourage people to set out a trashcan at work or school for people to put cans, bottles, paper, etc.

Volunteer at Favor of God Stateside

We are looking for:

  • graphic designers
  • videographers/video editing
  • writers
  • people gifted administratively
  • public speakers

Email if you are interested in helping.

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