Donation Security

Favor of God has heard reports from some of our partners that scammers pretending to be Favor have sent them communications asking for money on Favor’s behalf.  Official emails, letters, or phone calls from Favor will always encourage using the official website,, as a giving option.  To confirm a solicitation for donations or report a suspicious message, you can contact us on or call 832-429-5804.

Con artists trying to illegally obtain your money have directly contacted partners and staff of Favor of God by pretending to represent the ministry or to personally be Carole Ward via email or letter.  These emails or letters can look quite convincing, using copies of our logo and letterhead.  If you ever receive a communication asking for funds for a specific need, you can always initiate a valid donation by going to and sending a donation with a detailed memo of your intentions where it should go.  We will verify your memo in written communication and be sure to use it as you intend.

Please do not give personal information or send funds to Favor of God outside of the website or official mailing address (PO Box 691633, Houston, TX, 77269) unless:

  1. You have verified the identity of the requesting party through a second means of communication, OR
  2. You are seeing an official Favor staff member or volunteer in person

For example, if you are direct friends with Carole Ward and receive a donation request from her personally, please verify the request with Carole by a second means of communication.  If you received a direct mail letter, send her an email. If you received an email from her, give her a phone call or Facebook private message, and vice versa. If you are seeing Carole in person or another Favor staff member or volunteer you know, it is safe to give personal information at that time.

As a precaution, Favor of God will never:

  • Request a donation or personal information without providing the official website as an option.
  • Send an email that requires you to enter personal information directly into the email.
  • Ask you to mail a check to an address that is not “PO Box 691633, Houston, TX, 77269.”
  • Be unwilling to give or our US phone number, 832-429-5804, as a means of verification for the request.

For more information on precautions you can take against online and offline scams, please visit the APWG consumer resource page.


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