Report: Portable Bible School Graduation in Nwoya

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FEBRUARY 24, 2017

What an amazing graduation and confirmation of God’s leading in the Nwoya District Anaka!

140 students were enrolled. 105 of whom went on to graduate in this first graduation ceremony of 2017!  The team worked wonderfully together to make this a great event to celebrate a new beginning for these students. Various donations came in which assisted with the food expenses. 

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PBS graduate Michael witnessed Jesus to his Father after his father attended the graduation ceremony.

These students received training in the area of church leadership, as well as fellowshipping in the body of Christ. Every church in the area attended the graduation ceremony, even though some of them prevented their people from actually attending the school. 

The LCV [chief executive of the district] of Nwoya, was the main speaker for the program, and was accompanied by his counselors. His speech emphasized the wisdom, work and unity that must come first for each student.  

Each graduate received a Bible along with their graduation certificate. The graduates expressed their sheer joy & pleasure for all the work God has done in their lives to allow them to attend the Bible school.

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Sharon happily receives her PBS certificate from Honorable Michael, Nwoya Councilmember.

As for Bible distribution, 112 Bibles were given out:

  • 105 were given to the graduates
  • 2 to LCV and driver
  • 3 to counsellors
  • 1 to the PBS teacher
  • 1 was bought at 10,000 UGX (Ugandan Shillings)

Zallon Maximillian, Rural Education and Empowerment Director at Favor of God Ministries, was honored to hand out the certificates and Bibles.

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About 200 Bibles waiting to be given with certificates to all of the PBS graduates.

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About 150 PBS graduates gather for a group photo after the ceremony in front of the Nwoya District council hall.

The Favor of God Portable Bible School impacted the lives of many people in Nwoya through:

  1. Equipping about 150 students to be church leaders and pastor, with the knowledge to understand and apply the Word of God.
  2. Involving students in discipleship and counseling. Such has strengthened marriages and spiritual growth in their local churches.
  3. Strengthening unity in the body of Christ, as demonstrated through 8 different denominations were represented at the graduation.

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