God Brings Martin’s Brother “Back from the Dead”

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God Brings Martin’s Brother “Back from the Dead”

Martin Aboda (right) walks with his brother Peter off the Gulu Airfield runway.

Martin Aboda, former LRA general and current security officer at Favor of God Ministries, was reunited with his brother, Peter Kidega, who recently defected from the LRA. Peter was captured by the LRA in 2003, and Martin successfully fled the LRA in 2006 after being captured in 1992 at the age of 8. For some time Martin’s family feared Peter was dead and had even held funeral services for him.

Martin and his family, who have seen God restore their lives since the war, were “very happy” to receive Peter back.

On Tuesday, government officials called Martin to inform him that his brother was found alive by Ugandan military forces and would be repatriated to Gulu airport on Friday. Martin smiled and said, “This is good news.”

An emotional Martin sees his brother for the first time in years.

A receiving party of approximately 35, including family members, political and religious leaders, military officers, and media reporters assembled to welcome Peter home. David from Pathways to Peace explained, “This is a function of our organization and the U.S. government, in partnership with local political and religious leaders. We’ve come together to welcome them as ‘sons of the soil.'”

Religious and political leaders pose with Peter and a young woman (in red) who were rescued from the LRA.

A delegation of religious, political, and military leaders joined family and media to welcome Peter at Gulu Airfield.

Gulu District chairperson Martin Ojara Mapenduzi introduced the honorable attendees to Peter and asked each representative to share a few words. Mapenduzi and most of the speakers gave credit to God for delivering Peter safely and thanked men like UPDF Captian Peter Kamanzi and the U.S. government for their service.

UPDF Captain Peter Kamanzi formally transferred Peter Kidega from the LRA back to his family by placing Kidega’s hands into his mother’s.

Mapenduzi introduces Peter to political and civil leaders to formally welcome him home  and pledge their support.

Mapenduzi believes Peter’s return is a powerful symbol of what God has done and will continue to do to restore lives and families. “Welcoming Peter back home sends and important message: one – that there are still more of our children out in the bush, and this is not over, and – two – that God must bring them back alive,” said Mapenduzi.

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