Building a Dream

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Building a Dream

Building a church in the village of Atiak

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning… Psalm 30:5

The fingerprints of God are seen as the Master builder is building His church. The skillful hands of the potter upon the clay show He is not yet finished preparing His bride and engraving His name upon her heart. His stamp of value is on display, as He is pulling precious communities out of the fire and into His glory. He reveals the dreams He’s had for His church, which cannot be crushed, quenched, or diluted by the darkness of evil.

A Great Gift

I looked deep into the eyes of Jimmy, a retired schoolteacher, who had seen wars, death, families ripped apart, and children abducted for years – their welfare unknown. He witnessed massacres, beheadings, homes burned, and blood soaking the land. Would it ever end? Was there any hope for his children or the next generation?


And now we stood on his father’s land in the village of Atiak, his most valuable possession. His are children grown, and in these later years, he searches with heart and eyes, to see if his own dreams would ever become a reality. He had prayed and believed, and now he was giving. Giving this land for the church, to see a monument of God’s faithfulness being built with healing and forgiveness replacing murder, slaughter, and revenge. His children would see the marks of God’s glory and the “goodness of God in the land of the living” (Jer. 31:15) for despair has now given way to hope.


Jimmy and his precious wife Delfina said the greatest gift they could give their children, their country, and the Kingdom of God, was a piece of their father’s land – their only inheritance – in order to see God “stake out” the community and move in with tangible evidence of His habitation.

Dreams Restored

Bible school training is already taking place in Jimmy’s village, with over 100 men and women being disciple for 2 months in the power of God’s Word, and a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


The women’s empowerment ministry is moving in, to see healing emotionally and spiritually in women who had been broken, beaten down, and disillusioned with life by their shattered dreams. Now they are alive again!! They are planning creative income-generating ideas, which will be implemented to enable the education of their daughters. Boys have had much more of an opportunity to get an education than girls, and this is a rare opportunity to help their young daughters have the opportunities they only dreamed of.

Trauma counseling, literacy classes, community health teaching, youth discipleship, and children’s programs are coming in to accompany the Bible school training.

More Than a Building

Precious partners of Favor of God are coming alongside us to see church buildings built all over Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. We are seeing these tremendous spiritual landmarks as the very center of every community. When God moves into a place, darkness and evil has to move out.

The church building, while being a place of worship, also becomes a house of prayer, a community center, a youth outreach and discipleship location, a children’s training center during the weekdays, and even a place for evening classes on vocational skills and ongoing literacy. Dreams become reality, and faith – the evidence of what is unseen and the substance of what is hoped for – becomes tangible evidence that our faith and our hope, “makes us not ashamed!!”


When the deepest oppression covers the earth, the Father still tells His church to arise. Arise with faith, with victory, with passion, with self-denial, and embrace the glory of His presence. He is capturing the heart of His church back to her first love.  (Isa. 60). He urges the barren to sing and to cry aloud, for the children of the desolate will be more than those of the married. (Isa. 54)

What a mighty God we serve! When dreams are forgotten through fear, war, disease, crime, hatred, and death… the Father’s heart never forgets the dreams He has for us. They were there from the beginning. How faithful is He that has promised, “to continue the good work He began in us and bring it to completion…”

With all our hearts, we want to thank each of you for being living vessels of revival, tangible evidences of God’s faithfulness to fulfill His promises to families and villages, and hands that are never weary in harvesting.

We love you and every family reached, touched and changed, loves you and prays for you!
Carole and the Favor Family

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  1. My heart is bursting with thankfulness as I watch His hand moving in Atiak! Praise you Jesus! And thank you Carole for your obedient, tenacious heart!!

  2. Indeed the harvest is rich but the labors are few

  3. Sincerely thankful to the almighty God for favour towards my community and a special way I want extend my appreciation to Favor of God ministry for the unique reconstruction of the soul of my people in Atiak. Thanks Madam Carol as the director of the ministry for such a kind heart. We need more spiritual purity than other resources.. When people start fearing God, their minds start thinking straight and other developments come handy. Thankyou my brother Janani who works with the ministry for every continued spiritual guidance the ministry to our family and the community of Atiak. To dad Mr. Onen Jimmy, this the best resource that you are leaving us with. It’s a true wealth that we share within the family and community.. Sincerely thankful. Obedi David Onen

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