A Note From Elly

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A Note From Elly


Hi my name is Elly, I am currently volunteering with Favor of God Ministries as a personal assistant to Carole, the director. I will be working in Gulu, Uganda with the Favor of God team until December 2016, and I am so excited about all God has planned for us, as we work together in the year ahead. I’ve known Carole and Favor of God Ministries since I first travelled to Uganda in 2012 at 16 years of age. Although that first trip I didn’t do much work with Favor, the friendship was still definitely created.

In June 2015, I returned to Uganda for a second time, solely doing work with Favor of God Ministries. Even before I travelled over, I felt the Lord telling me that I was going to be spending a year working with this organisation in Gulu. Those 3 weeks with the team were nothing but confirming that I was to return.

Five months later, I was back with my Favor family and in a more invested way than ever before. I was now a part of the family and have very quickly and happily shared in the vision that they have to see Uganda and the world transformed for our Father’s glory.
Every single day, I count it as such a blessing to have the honour to work, pray, and share this vision with the team both here in Uganda, as well as in South Sudan and the team in the US.
To be able to work alongside such a diligent and dedicated staff whose first priority is to expand the kingdom of God is not something you commonly come across, let alone get to be a part of.


With our Women’s Empowerment Team!

I’ve been volunteering with Favor for almost a month now, and I am constantly astounded at the extent of work that they accomplish, both in the spheres of Humanitarian work, as well as the most important task of living out Matthew 28:19 to “go and make disciples of all nations”.
Many Ugandan locals you meet associate Favor of God Ministries as an organisation that can be found laying hands on the sick, seeing the demon possessed set free, feeding hungry families and empowering them to never be hungry again, giving a second chance to those who once had no hope, and raising up the next generation of forerunners for the Kingdom of God here on earth. They are truly living out the vision that God has set before them, which God has set before every one of us… to bring healing and hope to the nations.

Though Favor of God was birthed from a little house dedicated to prayer even during the war, it does not surprise me that they have achieved so much to date. All they have accomplished so far in such a short amount of time is a result of that foundation of prayer and intimacy with the Father. I know that not only myself but the rest of our team admire Mum Carole and how she always opens the door to encourage people to dream with God and watch Him go far beyond all they could ever hope, dream, or imagine.

Sunrise outside my new home at the House of Hope

Sunrise outside my new home at the House of Hope <3

Although I will only be with this incredible family here at Favor for a year, I treasure every moment I spend on the front lines with them and exceedingly look forward to all the plans God has laid ahead for us in the days to come. I’ve never encountered such an organisation or group of people like the family God has established here in the community of Gulu, Uganda. I could not praise the work God is doing through them highly enough, but as you read the testimonies in this newsletter and those to come, I’m sure that the work and fruit of the work being fulfilled here on the ground will speak for itself.

“There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.” – Philippians 1:6 (MSG)

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