A “Family” Celebration of New Life

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At Favor of God Ministries, we are more than an organization, we are a family. Our team in Uganda not only sees each other as family, but call each other brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, and treat each other like their own clan. Patrick, one of our radio staff shared with us about one of their recent staff home visits.

“Recently we made a visit to Caroline’s home, she is a news editor at 93.3 Favor FM. After 3 months of her being on maternity leave, we visited her to pray, encourage, and see her new baby girl.


Caroline was so blessed by our visit to her home. This time with Caroline remembered what a good thing it is to visit each other as family, to show to each one that they are our family in Favor and in Christ and are so loved and cared for.”



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  1. So sweet. Makes me miss my Uganda family 🙂

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