A “Divine Appointment”

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A “Divine Appointment”
Susan, Head of Hospitality, returning from the market

Susan, Head of Hospitality, returning from the market

Here at Favor of God no one is “just” a cook, driver, radio presenter,  – each of our staff members is also a missionary, taking the Gospel wherever they go! Here is a beautiful example of how Susan, our Head of Hospitality, brought the good news of the Gospel “as she went:”

Susan, Head of Hospitality, hard at work making delicious chippatis

Susan hard at work making delicious chippatis

“I woke up this morning as usual and went for morning devotion at the House of Prayer in preparation for the day’s work. The devotion ended at 10.00am, but while there I decided to go and see the dentist, because I had toothache.  So Mama Carole, the Director, dropped me at the Fitzman Clinic. I sat for about 40 minutes before the dentist showed up, and I was called upon to go to his room. Filled with fear, I kept on mentioning the Name of Jesus. Eventually I picked up courage, and he started the extraction of the tooth, which took about 40 minutes.

But amazingly after he was done, I told myself, “Why don’t I preach to this man the Gospel of Christ?” So I encouraged myself and preached to him. To my surprise he told me, “Susan, I think God brought you to share with me life.” I told him how the Lord needs him and how he will receive eternal life if he believes in Jesus. His name was Tom, and he told me to get him a Bible and direct him to which church he should attend. I told him to go to community church. This testimony encouraged me to keep sharing Christ, even if we don’t feel like doing it. Jesus can always use us powerfully to bring glory to His name.”


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