The Power of God’s Word, Prayer, and a Sacrificed Life

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The Power of God’s Word, Prayer, and a Sacrificed Life

This 2008 sermon communicates the heart of Favor of God and the principals by which we have seen God’s hand move in Uganda and South Sudan.  Carole Ward exhorts the church that “to see the kingdoms of this Earth become the kingdom of our Lord and Savior,” we must live in God’s Word, live a lifestyle of prayer, and completely offer our lives to Jesus in radical obedience.

The original recording was produced by Christ Our Shepherd Church in Washington, DC, on 4/27/2008, and it is located in its entirety online here.

To download a single file of the whole message (with part of the introduction and the church’s response trimmed to fit the recording on one 80-minute CD), please use this file.  Below you can listen to web-quality versions of any section or segment of the message.

Entire message (online version) (1:19:31)

A. Introduction (3:23)

B. Prayer for the United States: “May we never be ashamed, Father, to say, ‘Lord, in that day, we knew you, Lord, and we laid our lives down.’” (6:53)

C. How Favor of God Began (8:06)

  1. “Build My house, and I’ll build yours.”(2:11)
  2. “A living sacrifice is that you’re so laid down people can walk on you.”(1:02)
  3. “If we could operate in prayer with that kind of favor…” (1:12)

D. The Power of God’s Word, Prayer, and a Sacrificed Life (2:54)

  1. “God didn’t call us to make converts.  He called us to make disciples.” (1:41)
  2. “God will lead you on the trail of travail.” (1:12)

E. The Power of God’s Word (14:11)

  1. “I don’t want my thoughts – I want to know what His thoughts are.”(:36)
  2. Being lovers of the truth (:58)
  3. “Don’t fight the darkness.  Turn the light on.”(1:01)
  4. “They wanted Bibles more than food.”(2:41)

F. The Power of Prayer (10:53)

  1. “If we pray, God builds.” (:40)
  2. “Prayer is the power that moves the hand of God.”(:44)
  3. “Prayer is not an event.  It is not a meeting.  It is a life.”(1:16)

G. The Power of a Sacrificed Life (26:17)

  1. “But if there is no sacrifice on that altar, then where is the effect?”(1:00)
  2. “Jesus never cheapened evangelism.  He made the Gospel costly at the beginning.”(1:58)
  3. “There’s a key to every door.”(1:27)
  4.  “If God doesn’t build His church, we can all pack and go home anyway.”(1:09)

H. Conclusion (3:25)

  1. “The Gospel and the message of salvation is forsaking all to follow me.  That’s what will transform a city.” (1:15)
  2. “When brethren dwell together in unity, I will command my blessing.” (1:02)
  3. “That’s what He died for.  And that’s what He asks His bride to be willing to lay down for.” (1:06)

I. Prayer: “Put Your finger on the place of our heart that says this is the key…” (3:23)

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