The South Sudan National Prayer Gathering: Fighting from our Knees for a Nation

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The South Sudan National Prayer Gathering: Fighting from our Knees for a Nation
South Sudan military photo

South Sudan Military Photo by dayblakelydonaldson


That was the same word that the Lord gave Dr. Bahjat, a Jordanian man of God, married to a Jewish lady. Dr. Bahjat prays for presidents and still travels the whole world at 75 years of age, speaking into the lives of national leaders, from kings to presidents, chiefs to generals.

“We’re in a war… a spiritual battle for nations…”

We sat in his little hotel room in Juba with our Ugandan and South Sudanese team, listening with open and yearning hearts. His message of urgency and the deep agony upon his heart about the hour in which we live – the alignment of prophetic and historic events in the US, Israel, and now South Sudan – resonated deep within our souls. He was as burdened as we were for this brand-new nation locked in turmoil, bloodshed, and upheaval.

Our hearts are weeping… Our spirits are heavy… but how much more does our Father’s heart grieve? I can’t imagine what He feels to see such bloodshed over precious souls He sent His Son to die for.

We are on our knees for the nation… Weeping as Rachel and refusing comfort for her children which are no more. (Jer. 31:15) Yet, in the midst of travail, we travel, up and down, seeing God’s army mobilized, for faith without works is dead. Who are we, that God could use any of us in His great army and mighty plans? But we are willing hands.

Juba, South Sudan Aerial View

Juba, South Sudan Aerial View

“The hands can only heal what the heart is willing to feel.”

Jesus was moved with compassion, and as His body so, too, must we… (Matt. 9:36 and 14:14) Are we in comfort zones or combat zones? In the hour we live in, if we don’t rise up out of comfort to see darkness pushed back, it will overtake us….

When penitent, pleading, persistent, pounding, and prevailing prayer take preeminence, priority, and preference over plans, programs, performances, preconceived traditions, and people pleasing, then we will see His presence and power permeate our planet! This is our goal!

We started in the Office of the Director for Religious affairs to gain permission for the stadium for a National Prayer Gathering. Every office and Minister of Parliament we visited, every Pastor and church leader, received us openly with desperation and eagerness to see prayer prevail…

We shared the vision for national prayer with each Pastor, connecting their hearts. Each man and church is praying alone, but God is calling the land together to join forces on our knees and press into the Person behind the promise of II Chron. 7:14.

We need to see peace, stability, and healing of the land so that the Lord may advance His territory in every heart – man, woman, and child – before His return. The only answer for the mass healing of hearts and of a land is to see the Son of Man lifted (John 3:14-16 and Numbers 21). When Jesus alone is lifted, He draws all men unto Himself, and He heals the broken, heals the land, sets captive free, releases prisoners of darkness, comforts those who mourn. He gives beauty for ashes, praise instead of heaviness, and proclaims His year of favor (Isa. 61)… He does all of this and more when He is sought after with our whole hearts (Deut. 4:29).

Gulu Stadium Prayer 12-31-2005

Gulu Stadium Prayer 12-31-2005

This is what we are calling the nation to do… and not only for one day, but for seven. Whether five come or 5,000, (I Sam. 41:6)… God will respond to repentance. Only the rending of the hearts in deep and sincere repentance (Joel 2) can bring the “rending of the heavens” as the Lord hears our cries. (II Chron. 6 and 7, Isa. 64) We are “sounding the alarm” and the invitation for the prayer gathering over the radio into all 10 states of South Sudan. Governors, Commissioners, Mayors, MP’s and the President, will receive the invitation to prayer with the Church leaders and lay people of all tribes, tongues, and color.

This National Prayer Gathering will occur July 13th-20th, 2015. We are renting the Cultural Center, which will easily hold up to 10,000 people and is located next to the center of government in Juba. The event will have a platform only for Jesus and His Word, falling on our faces with the desperation of II Chronicles 6 and 7, and Joel 2, and so many other verses- Ezra 9 and 10, Daniel 9 and 10.

A 40-day prayer and fasting chain began June 1, which will take us right up to the week of prayer, beginning July 13th. This prayer chain is being covered by 40 pastors and their churches – each taking one day and dividing it into 24 hour segments, assigned up to one believer after another within their church – until every hour of every day for 40 days is covered in prayer. (Lev. 6:13) All are welcome to join in this call.

The prayer gathering itself consists of nothing but worship, the Word, and prayer from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every day. In the evening, people will prayer walk the city and continue in groups to pray over the nation, as the Lord leads them.

The Displaced People of Malakal War Zone in South Sudan_IMG_0279

The scripture verses will be based on these three themes:


We’ll take two days to read and pray the Word over each one of these themes. Pastors and church leaders from every walk, will take an hour and read a passage, under the focus for that day, hour after hour from 8-4:00, reading only the Word, then leading in prayer about that passage, for the rest of the hour.

We will worship and minister unto the heart of Jesus Himself. How awesome to hear every tongue and tribe worshipping – like heaven’s dress rehearsal. (Rev. 8:3-5)

South Sudan IDP camp_IMG_0291

Please help us help others. Live to give, for we are saved to serve, just as Jesus called us. We are only the vessel for Him to give gifts “to” us, so that He might get them “through” us. God can heal through the heart and hands of His people, willing to be broken, to be vessels poured out (II Timothy 4:6-8). You are the heart that feels, and the hands that heal…

I love you and need you. Africa loves you and needs you!! Jesus loves you and needs you!!!

South Sudan IDP camps photo

South Sudan IDP Camp Photo by dayblakelydonaldson

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