Small Beginnings

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Small Beginnings
A student in one of our early New Life Bible College classes.

A student in one of our early New Life Bible College classes.

For who dares make light of small beginnings? (Zech 4:10)

Every great work has its genesis moment. Every powerful work of God began in someone’s prayer closet. Our Rural Education and Empowerment Program is no exception. It’s genesis moment was in a rented room as Carole Ward and a small group of Ugandan’s met daily to pray as those praying had a burning desire to bring the Gospel into the rural and remote villages of Northern Uganda.

The first twelve graduates trained in our Gulu Bible school became the leaders, equipping and sending others with an aim to reach into the bush, the villages,  the camps, the jungles, the rural churches, and the most remote and unreached places on the map. This was the goal: everyone must hear! (Rom. 10: 14-15)

Within five years, we had discipled and equipped over 5,000 people for leadership through two months of intensive discipleship with practical experience in church planting, prayer, children’s work, and youth ministries. Over 40,000 Bibles in more than 12 languages were distributed. Trauma rehabilitation multiplied to over 36,000 people, as they were healed from the deep wounds left by years of war. Churches were planted, new converts baptized, existing churches grew in villages and in the bush, and the hunger for the Word spread faster than it could be satisfied.

REEP would not be what it is today, if it had not been for that little prayer room 10 years ago, and the hearts that were willing to sacrifice in the secret, where nobody heard and nobody saw. Today they are reaping with joy in the fields of the Lord’s harvest!

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