Sarah’s Story

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Sarah (name changed) is a was a young teenager when she was abducted with her brother by the Lord’s Resistance Army. They were taken into Sudan and trained in a guerrilla militia to “kill, or be killed.” They fought many bloody battles, traipsing through the bush and jungles day after day, often without food. Sarah was abused by the rebel commanders several times throughout the ordeal.

One day in a bloody fight, she saw her brother get blown to pieces beside her – but she had to keep on fighting. She prayed with all her heart that God would help her escape, and He did. She slowly made her way into the town of Gulu.

Hearing about a “white lady” in a certain house who held prayer gatherings, she came into the house one day, fell on her knees and wept and wept- “please let me stay.” Sarah started helping us cook meals. As her heart and body began to heal, and she was discipled, she began taking the message of healing and hope to women in the prison during our prison outreaches. Later, she became the house mom to our children, and now she leads worship and prayer and other outreaches from the House of prayer center.

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