Radio Station Leads to Salvations

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Radio Station Leads to Salvations

“I will build my church, and hell’s gates will not stop it” (Matthew 16:18) These were Jesus’ words. Have you ever thought of a radio station being His church? The Favor 93.3 team in Gulu feels it is. Preaching, prayer, and worship happen in the station daily. The team in the station pray together over the programs. The phones are ringing continuously from listeners calling with requests for prayer, Bibles, directions to the nearest church, or referrals to other help about small business, health, and nutrition. There is a constant flow of people from the community coming and going, as people call in to receive Jesus and come by the station to pick up Bibles.

News room being under construction_r

Favor FM 93.3 News Room Under Construction


Unfinished entrance to the radio station_DSCF0632_r

Unfinished Entrance to the Radio Station

Favor FM 93.3 is the first and only 24/7 Christian radio station in Gulu, northern Uganda. But we continue to look northward toward the great needs of South Sudan. We own a piece of property in Juba – a miracle in itself – which has plenty of space to build a church, a clinic, a resource center, and the radio station. But we need $50,000 dollars to purchase the materials. The team is already clearing the land in preparation for building! The station will be simple, made with iron sheets for roofing and local bricks made using donated brick making machines. Would you be willing to join us to bring the first full time Christian radio station in Juba?

News room being painted, Part of the wall not dry yet_r

Our News Room Getting its First Coat of Paint

Please pray with us, and be a part of “Jesus building His church!”

Gulu station interior with acoustic treament - Untitled-1_r1

Radio Station Walls Covered with Acoustic Treatment


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