Meet Zallon Macmillan

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Meet Zallon Macmillan

Meet Zallon 

Zallon grew up as an orphan and made a living growing plants and tomatoes. In 1997  His plants yielded a good crop until March 28, 1999, when a serious rain and hailstorm destroyed all the tomatoes and cabbages he had planted along the riverbank with other village members.

The devastating loss turned him to thoughts of suicide, as he depended completely on the plant crops for his income. At the same time, chest pains that had begun in 1997 when a neighbor cursed him began to increase. In order to get medication, Zallon collected his few surviving tomatoes from the garden and rolled them from the village Lakwat Omer to Gulu on his bicycle. All the while, he was terribly sick.  Selling his tomatoes, he bought medicine for himself which did not even help him.

01_Zallon - A Brand Plucked from the Fire!_r

On April 21st, 1999 his sickness increased to the extent that he became bedridden. He had to employ an attendant to take care of him, turning him around on his bed.

On  April 23, 1999, Mr. Zallon had a dream where he encountered God as He revealed the wicked will die. In that dream, Zallon was walking with Moses – crossing the red sea – when God instructed them to strike the sea so as to divide it. When they did, the sea was divided, and they walked on bare ground. But there in the dream were also his three neighbors. When they tried to follow on the bare ground, there were swallowed up by the Red Sea.

When Zallon woke from his dream, he found he had been miraculously healed. Before he could not even stand by himself, but immediately after the dream, Zallon jumped up from the bed in perfect health. He vowed to God that by 8:00 am he would rush to church or find a servant of God to lead him into salvation, but people who were coming early that morning to check on him, distracted him as they began merrymaking and celebrating his miraculous healing! Glory to God!

When 8:00am passed, Zallon immediately begin experiencing terrible sickness that paralyzed him again. Then, he remembered that he had failed to fulfill his vow and started rolling his bicycle (he could not ride) up to one of the servants of God who led him into salvation on April 24th, 1999 at 10: 38 am. Later on, Zallon was completely healed and began his ministry as a Pastor. Today, Zallon has his diploma in theology and is a Pastor at PAG.

A Disciple is Now a Discipler!

Zallon is now the Pastor of Pentecostal Assembly of God (PAG) Church and has joined the Favor Team as our portable Bible schools (PBS) coordinator! After joining Favor of God Ministries, Zallon admitted that his life has changed for the better. He enjoys working with others who fear the Lord, love one another, and work as a team.

02_Zallon leads the participants to the portable Bible school graduation grounds in Bobi_image5

Zallon just concluded a PBS in Bobi that trained 109 students and graduated 82 who are ready to put into practice all they learned.

During this PBS, a lady who had been groomed by her family to become the next local witch doctor got saved and was instantly healed from stomachaches that had been causing her  terrible suffering. She is now rejoicing in the Lord.

04_Happy portable Bible school graduates in Bobi Uganda_image1

Zallon’s responsibilities include:

– Conducting PBS training
-Training Youths on life Skills
-Coordinates Bible Distribution to the Community
-Performing Water Baptism
-Carrying out Door to Door evangelism
-Assisting in Resettlement
-Coordinating  women empowerment Projects
-Trauma Counseling
-Church Planting
-Establishing Prayer altars

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