Longing for the Lasting

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Longing for the Lasting

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Amid the turmoil of our times and an ever-shifting landscape our hearts yearn to know the answer to one question: 

Is there anything that lasts?

Today this question is not rhetorical. It is real. We feel it in the depths of our being, hoping there is an answer that is just as real. Longing to pour our life into things that will not perish. And as we ask, the Spirit of Truth answers our spirit, saying…

“Yes… There are two things that will last. The Word of God… And the souls of men.” (Mark 13:31, John 5:28-29)

In this critical hour for nations – an hour of war and disasters with good and evil vying for victory across the world before our very eyes – there is nothing more important than investing in the Word of our Father, the eternal one, and the souls of His children. Though the battle seems huge, God’s plan is the same. We will advance His Kingdom by His Word and through the souls of men!

It starts with just one life – ours. But as we pour out our one life into the lives of those God has placed in our care – investing and equipping them to in turn invest and equip yet others – we find that God multiplies the fruit of harvest! Fruit that lasts.

This is our heart. In Uganda and South Sudan we have found fertile soil for the Word of the Gospel. Every year we host portable Bible schools training hundreds to take the Gospel to their families, churches and communities. And as the passionate believers – freshly equipped – return to their villages, they indeed produce a harvest of 30, 60, even 100 times more as they lead their families and neighbors to Christ and plant churches, disciplining them to in turn go out and make more disciples of Christ!

The time is short and the times precarious, but in their midst God is raising up an ready army, eagerly advancing his Gospel! This month will you join us in investing in those the things that will last? This is the heart of our Father!

The Word of God.

The souls of men.

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