Introducing Innocent… an Emerging Leader in Uganda!

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Introducing Innocent… an Emerging Leader in Uganda!
Meet Innocent Bidong

Innocent – an Emerging Leader in Northern Uganda!

Meet Innocent Bidong

My name is Innocent. I am Acholi by tribe, born in 1988. I hold a degree in public administration. I worked  for Sacred Heart Girls secondary school and later joined Choice FM as one of the presenters where I used to host Pastors  from Favor of God ministries.

In 2012, I had a bad experience of  demonic spirits that attacked me, I could not see, eat sit or even drink. I was taken to almost every hospitals in the country, and they could not find any [reason for my] sickness.

I called many Pastors in Gulu for help, but my relief came when I called for help from Favor of God’s House of Prayer Pastors, and they prayed  for me. I was totally delivered, as I was retained in  House of Prayer for a week. By God’s Grace I was employed by Favor of God Ministries radio station and many people came to Christ through my programs.

Glory to God, Amen.

Innocent at Favor FM

Under Innocent’s management, Favor FM has had a radio archive, surge protectors, and a new transmitter installed. He has also built up the staff through training and workshops. Now  survey reports of client satisfaction show that our signal has become clearer and stronger and there has been an increase in the number listeners.

Innocent at Work at Favor FM!

Innocent at Work at Favor FM!

Our record shows that on average ten people call the radio station per week to testify of healing through preaching in the radio station. We are currently working hand in hand with the management team to see that we put a signal booster in place to increase the signal coverage of the radio station.

Innocent’s responsibilities include:

• Radio Programming

• Presenting

• Hosting talk shows

• News and Sports

• Supervising the staff and radio

• Report writing

• Marketing

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