Introducing Alex Ochola

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Introducing Alex Ochola


Alex was born on May 11th, 1989. He grew into a stubborn young man, joining with bad friends who influenced his character for the worse. Alex became a known by his community as a stubborn young man who fought and vandalized people’s belongings for sport with the help of his ‘clique.’ He quickly became the most hated young man within the community.

In 2004, Alex encountered the love of Christ through Favor of God Ministries and during high school started began to serve the ministry as a volunteer. Today, he attends Church of the Living Savior where he is being groomed for leadership.

Since joining Favor of God, Alex’s’ life has dramatically changed. He is now a humble young man, having given up his stubborn ways, and he has experienced tremendous spiritual growth and maturity through his relationship with Favor and through his involvement at his local church. Alex’s life has also improved materially, as he is now able to care for his basic needs as an employee of Favor.

This young man with such a troubled past, has been transformed by the power of the Gospel of Christ! He has obtained his diploma for social work and social administration, and currently heads our House of Hope department. Now he works every day with our children, sharing the love and grace that he himself has learned as he raises up still more leaders for the next generation!


Alex at the House of Hope

Alex with House of Hope  Kids Linda, Sharon, Francis, and Patrick_r Alex with House of Hope Kids Linda, Sharon, Francis, and Patrick

Under Alex’s leadership, we been able to pay the school fees for all the HOH children. Some have done very well academically, and they are all determined students who continue to excel in their studies. Banana trees have been planted in the HOH garden to produce an ongoing harvest to help support the children with food and money from sales. Also through farming, a surplus of Cassava and maize have been harvested and are ready for sale!

Alex’s responsibilities in the House of Hope include:
• Supervision of House of Hope activities
• Payment of school fees and purchase if scholastic materials
• Conducting home visits for HOH children
• Monitoring academic performance
• Follow up on any children’s health issues
• Organizing prayer retreat for HOH children

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