Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit


As we travel from village to village with portable Bible schools, we see over and over again lives crushed by what would be considered simple medical problems – a toothache, diarrhea, a fever – all can be crippling or even deadly when left untreated in these rural communities far from any kind of medical services. This is why we have included a strong medical component in REEP (Rural Education and Empowerment Program).

There are two ways we use the medical field as a tool for evangelism and outreach. One is the ongoing Community Health outreach of our field program, which is based on prevention. This outreach is held in the mornings before the daily portable Bible school classes begin, and it offers training to men, women, youth, and children in principles such as clean water, hygiene, disease prevention, nutrition, malaria prevention, maternal and child health, and other such topics. These lessons promote better overall health in the village. The Gospel message is integrated into all of this teaching, providing opportunity for spiritual as well as physical healing!


The second method of outreach is through our mobile medical clinics. These take place when trained medical teams are able to come, and we prepare rural areas for hands-on medical treatment. We specially target villages without any medical services for this kind of outreach, since the needs are much greater. Each mobile medical outreach, we set up a simple one-to-three day clinic to treat malaria, dysentery, wounds, tropical diseases, worms, and other common ailments found in the area. The Gospel message is shared with all who come for help and follow up is implemented by the local churches and pastors, including our Bible school students who are present for the local portable Bible school training. This is an opportunity for these indigenous students to work alongside a medical or international team in serving the community, not only with much-needed practical help, but also the power of the Gospel!


Through these outreaches villagers come to know Jesus as healer of body, soul, and spirit!

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