Favor’s “Soldier of the Month” – Betty Okello

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Favor’s “Soldier of the Month” – Betty Okello
Betty - happy and hard at work!

Betty – happy and hard at work!

My name is Betty Okello, from the Iteso tribe from Eastern Uganda. I was born in 1977, second born but first daughter in the family. From Catholic foundation, my Father – being a former Catholic Priest – groomed me in the Catholic Faith and started my education from Primary  to Secondary level in a Catholic School. I was taking most of the holidays after school at the Catholic Parish Convent with the Catholic Nuns and learned a lot of housework, gardening and handcrafting as part of  things for life.

I joined FOGM in August, 2007 as a Secretary and a Receptionist. I have a certificate in Counseling and Church Ministry. My current job description is to make sure all the ministry files and documents are correctly filed and handle the recruitment of staff and their welfare.

In 2010 I was promoted to act as The Human Resource Manger and really thank God for the amazing things He has done in my life and family. I have managed to get a lot of training and experience, motivation and building to be stronger in Christian Work; this is all because God had it in planned for me. Amen.

Betty in the House of Hope

Its was in April 2008 that I started handling the House of Hope children. I was directly in touch with them. Before they came to House of Hope, their lives were so miserable with evidence of hopelessness, as they lived in an  unfriendly environment.

Betty with the children.

Betty with the children.

When they came to House of Hope, hope was restored to them through the message of salvation in Jesus name, as they gave their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We continue providing them with counseling services, home visits, hygiene care, character transformation, life skills, and behavioral changes and meet all other basic needs.

As you look at them today, it is amazing what God has done. Glory to God! Thank you Favor of God Ministries both in Uganda and abroad for all your support both physically and through prayers. Amen.

Marching Forward

Currently, we are in the process of adopting new children to the House of Hope and of continuing with agricultural activities and livestock rearing to support the House of Hope children and staff.

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