Faithful Workers of the Lord in South Sudan

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Faithful Workers of the Lord in South Sudan
Isaac and Jacob with Favor of God Team on new Favour Africa property in Juba, South Sudan

Isaac and James with Favor of God Team on new Favour Africa property in Juba, South Sudan

Isaac and James (not their real names) first engaged in mission work 11 years ago after finishing discipleship school in Kampala. Now by the grace of God they daily do the work of soul winning, discipleship and church leadership training for in churches inside both Sudan and South Sudan. They have been instrumental in solving longstanding community feuds and in engaging in front-line ministry to soldiers and all government leaders of the country. They have also planted a number of churches through the states of South Sudan. In addition to these efforts Isaac and James are both medical students who integrate medical ministry and health education in their missions efforts all over the country.

Isaac and James first joined Favour Africa, a South Sudanese sister organization to Favor of God Ministries founded in 2013, after co-hosting a church planting conference with Favor in Juba, South Sudan. Favour Africa officially began its ministry registration process at that time and saw it completed with some delay due to the civil war in 2014.

Isaac and James are now working through Favour Africa with all the churches in South Sudan to missions beyond the community, reaching  even to the people “in the battlefield,” including the government leaders. They are also beginning to reach the remote people groups through radio programming on education, agriculture, health, discipleship and leadership, trauma counseling, and peace rehabilitation.

Their current objective is to see more than 1000 churches planted by 2020 throughout the entire country of South Sudan, as people are evangelized, discipled, and trained to become leaders. They intend to reach these people through radio, TV, and newspaper, health, education, relief efforts, agriculture development, and micro-business enterprise.

Their vision is to see Favour Africa become a unifying force for the body of Christ inside and outside the country as they empower local churches and para-church mission bases, building the believers’ capacity to develop self-reliance.

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