Entering the Harvest Fields

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Entering the Harvest Fields


Jesus called us, commanded us, and commissioned us to “Make disciples of ALL nations.” He talked in Acts 1:8 about “empowering” us to do so in our own “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth.” If we’re not reproducing others into the Kingdom of God, corporately and individually, we have become spiritually stagnant and barren.

This is why field evangelism is the beginning of all we do and the first step or our Rural Education and Empowerment Program (REEP)… We begin all our outreaches with earnest intercession for hearts to be made “ready soil” to receive the Word planted in them. Then we come with crusades, the Jesus movie, and door-to-door evangelism sowing the seed, establishing prayer altars within these communities, and teaching the people what it means to walk in communion with their savior and to join Him in His harvest fields!

Here is a break down of each kind of outreach:

Door to door evangelism – Two by two, our team members go house to house, sharing the power of the Gospel in home after home throughout the town, or rural village areas. People are prayed for, to receive Jesus as savior and for healing, deliverance, and other personal needs. Follow up is ensured in these areas, either by one of our team members, or a local village pastor, to ensure the new believers are discipled, brought to church, given a Bible, or prayed for further. Witch doctors are often saved in this kind of outreach.

Open air crusades – At our crusades hundreds and thousands hear the power of the Gospel preached at the same time and receive prayer for salvation, healing, deliverance, or to recommit their lives to follow Jesus fully in discipleship, if they had already made a commitment to Him.

A crowd watches the Jesus Movie

A crowd watches the Jesus Movie

Movie Viewings – Another mass evangelism tool that is particularly helpful in reaching children is our showings of the Jesus movie or the Passion of Christ. Hundreds come to the Lord through viewing these movies, which are shown in the villager’s own language.

Prayer Altars – Establishing prayer altars is a critical element of our field evangelism. These are places of corporate prayer, whether in homes, churches, schools, or market places, where people commit to pray together daily or weekly, at a set location and time, to intercede for the move of God in their village. They are committed to seeing “God move in and darkness move out” through the power of prayer – covering the village churches, schools, children, families, homes, chiefs, and leaders with prayer for revival, for the harvest of souls, for the discipleship of new believers, and for ungodly strongholds, traditions, and cultural practices to be broken. These activities maintain a presence and atmosphere of prayer within that particular village, which then becomes contagious to other areas and regions. These prayers are instrumental in seeing God’s Kingdom established and expanded and in equipping the local church to fulfill the Great Commission and see the “hope of their calling” fulfilled individually and corporately.

Praying Together

Praying Together

As new brothers and sisters in Christ are added to the growing number of believers, we hold a baptism service for them to declare their faith to their entire community, and we distribute Bibles so that they can continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of their loving heavenly Father, fully equipped for every good work!

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