Dreams In Motion

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Dreams In Motion
Happy villagers in Bobi gather for a group shot after attending their first Empowerment Program session!

Happy villagers in Bobi gather for a group shot after attending their first Women’s Empowerment Program session!

As we move across northern Uganda and South Sudan carrying the Gospel from town to town and village to village, we find people everywhere have one thing in common. Each one has a God-given dream hidden within. Women dream of earning enough extra income to send all of their children to school. Men dream of starting a business to provide financial security for today and a legacy they can pass on to their sons. Children dream of being able to attend university.  On every level people are struggling to support the weight of these visions burning in their hearts, and on every level find themselves running up against obstacles that try to steal those dreams.

These are the needs that birthed our Empowerment Outreach of our Rural Empowerment and Education Program (REEP). Our various Empowerment Programs for men, women, and children equip them to recognize and leverage the untapped skills, assets, and opportunities that with a small investment can begin making these dreams a reality.

Every empowerment session begins by asking the group what goals they have and what challenges they currently face. As we listen carefully to the heart of the people, we begin to ask them questions. What steps are you already taking to address the difficulties? What resources and giftings do you  have available? What do you think would be the best solution? As the discussion progresses, we help the villagers discover their own solutions, uniquely suited to the circumstances they face.

Once a course of action is decided, we simply aid them as they form their own structure and accountability system to see their plan succeed. We also create a plan for ongoing follow-up as they begin to implement their new strategy. The villagers leave the meeting not only with a planned solution in hand, but with great joy as they realize God has blessed them with gifts, callings,  creativity, and His own Holy Spirit to see transformation brought to their families and their community!

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