Carole’s 2015 Ministry Update

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Carole’s 2015 Ministry Update

Dear Friend,

“I want to thank Jesus for each one of you – every time I think about you – I pray for you, with joy, because of your partnership with us in the Gospel, from the first day until now. And as He has begun a good work in us, has also He begun a good work in you, and He will bring it to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:3-6

The most amazing story of transformation I’ve seen in a long time just walked through our door two months ago.

Ishmael, a staunch Muslim all his life, and a soldier in the South Sudanese army for 20 years, walked into our House of Prayer in Gulu, as he was planning his suicide. He asked if he could find Jesus there. He fell on his knees, weeping and repenting like a lost son who just came home.

But that’s not all. He is now attending our Bible school program and trauma counseling, has read the entire Bible in 2 weeks, is studying several Bible study books a day, and is preaching in the prisons, crusades, villages, and churches with our ministry teams. As fast as he’s learning, he’s teaching others!


Ishmael ministering with our outreach team in a village victimized by inter-tribal conflict

I want you to watch the links of his conversion testimony (recorded that day he came in), and where he is now at The transformation in his life has been astounding.

Ishmael’s life encapsulates our whole vision at Favor of God.

We’re reaching others like him, empowering them, and sending them.

We are able to do so, because you’ve stood with us – in monthly  support, in gifts, prayer, in building the radio station – With all our hearts, we thank you!

God’s taking us to another level of growth in every area.

  • Favor FM 93.3 is winning lives to Jesus daily and grounding them in the Word of Truth and in wisdom – training in health, business development, education, and family.
  • At our primary school, children are being won to Jesus and discipled while getting an excellent education. The teachers visit many children’s homes during the week and win their families to Jesus. We’re beginning a new Bible-based accelerated learning curriculum next year called “Roots to Fruits.” We’re praying it will become the foundation of most Ugandan schools. We’re opening up our secondary school in 2016 as well.
  • The Women’s Empowerment groups are growing, and we’re extending our vision into more villages next year – equipping women with healing, discipleship, and income-generating projects.
  • The work study program for our youth – kids born during the war – is growing, as they learn a trade and skill during the day, character development, work ethics, family values, and then go to high school or university in the afternoons.
  • The portable Bible schools continue – two of them right now, and we plan to do four at a time this coming year – to reach 50-100 per school and cover villages all over Northern Uganda and South Sudan.
  • The church-planting vision is growing, and we’ve located needy areas for church structures that we will be building, along with one of our new partners – up to four per year in each of these two nations. This building will continue and multiply until we have covered northern Uganda and South Sudan with 1,000 churches!!
  • The radio stations are coming up – the boosters are being built as we speak – and the final remaining costs are the generators (3 needed).

We are eager to see community development and transformation take place around the local church, while training and equipping pastors to teach the Word and to multiply church planting and discipleship throughout their own people groups.

Working Toward Sustainability in 2016

Many of you have asked us about sustainability. We have been working on this strategy and plan to begin implementation this coming year. Our plan is twofold:

1) Our entire team here are enrolled in our Leadership Training School – developing character, leadership skills, and work skills, while developing their own family business or income-generating activity.

2) We have assembled our 2016 strategic vision, have determined the annual budget needed to meet that vision.

We are currently working with a professional and missions-minded, Ugandan businessman and his team to establish sustainable businesses to support the whole ministry vision locally.

The farm attendant standing in the cassava and maize garden_r

Space behind our House of Hope to plant fields

Reaching full sustainability is a 2-5 year process, but we are activating this vision in 2016, with your help.

In our full strategic plan, we have written:

  • The Leadership Training School modules, with goals and achievement levels as our staff advance in training, including costs of training and supporting the team in both nations.
  • Our Work Study program for our youth
  • The vision for Women’s Empowerment in 2016
  • The REEP – Rural Education and Empowerment Program – vision including target numbers for church plants and pastors and church leaders trained.

All these will continue growing, because you are willing to continue standing with us.

The Challenge of the Church

I call these plans “Operation Mobilization.” If armies are mobilized and trained for deployment, why shouldn’t the church be mobilized and trained to be sent out as well with as much excellence as any military “special forces?”

We are seeing God move in an unprecedented way throughout northeast Africa. Saved Muslims are now the greatest evangelists into the Muslim world, and we are witnesses to this reality! They will win the Muslim world to Jesus, faster than you and I can even think about it.

This season is the “accelerated harvest” God talks about in Amos 9 and Acts 15.

We have to get up and take action! I’m getting calls from the new Muslim believers from Khartoum, Darfur, and northern Sudan – “When are you coming to help us – to train and equip us, so we can get the Gospel faster, back into these closed nations, and reach our own people before it’s too late?

Gulu Stadium Prayer 12-31-2005 (001)

We must GO! And can only GO, if you help send us. What part of the word “GO” do you want to act on?

We’re not just here doing a little mission work – No, we are strategically stationed for Operation Mobilization, to reach Northern Africa with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ while we still have the time.

But we can only do this if you will join arms, join voices, and join forces with us in this effort.

I am praying for, and challenge you to think and pray about committing to give monthly starting now, through the end of 2016, toward this $50,000 monthly operational foundation, to train, sustain, and send.

I’m asking you to pray about $50 a month, $100, or $1,000. Some can do more, and some less, but make a commitment with us – to raise up, train up, and send out, a called and equipped African church, to reach the ends of Africa with the Gospel!!

I know that if you’ll take the time to pray about this, God will direct you in giving. He always does. I so look forward to hearing back from you, and I’ll follow up with you about any other questions you may have.

Know that we love you and appreciate you with all our hearts!

With love,


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  1. Amazing work Carole. Thank you for your obedience and tenacity in the most wonderful sense of the word.

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