Repentance Brings Transformation in Oyam Village

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Repentance Brings Transformation in Oyam Village

On the tenth of this month we brought church leaders, intercessors and other born again government officials for evaluation, prayer and strategizing how to transform Lango sub-region which comprises of 8 districts. We were concerned why many great church leaders rise and suddenly disappear from the scene. Based on the research done and the data collected, we discovered the first president of Uganda, the late Apolo Milton Obote had dedicated this tribe (Lango) to the devil and the nation of Uganda so that he might rule for life. We had to discover many satanic alters he had built where he used to offer sacrifices to the devil.  Its consequences affected particularly Lango tribe which eventually caused much blood shed in this country. The Lord spoke to us and said he had chosen this tribe to be His priests but they have failed. He continued saying that Lango tribe has stood on His way and on the way of all other tribes of Uganda. Unless they repent they will experience more blood -shed than they had ever heard of or seen. We had 64 leaders who participated and the venue was Elim Pentecostal Church Apac town.

A brand new church meets on Sunday at a school in Oyam.

A brand new church meets on Sunday at a school in Oyam.

We repented on our own behalf and on behalf of our tribe, leaders and grand-fathers for all the idolatry and satanic worship they practiced. The next step to be taken is preparation through prayer fast to go back and remove those alters. Abraham succeeded because he built alters wherever he went. We realized our heart is an altar, our family or homes, the Church buildings are alters too where worship must continue 24 hours. The below pictures were taken during teaching & prayer.

Teaching and prayer at Elim Pentecostal Church in Apac

The prayer meeting fostered unity among church denominations and made people forget about their differences but focused only on seeing the transformation of this tribe and Uganda at large. Those three days preparation, teaching and prayer were not in vain. Without the Lord’s alter in our families we can’t succeed. It should be our daily meeting point with the Lord. We had all participants sit in 6 groups to discuss and identify the problem; find ways of dealing with it, how to deal with it and who qualify for the action.

Teaching and prayer at Elim Pentecostal Church in Apac.jpg2


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