A Miracle Walked In…

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A Miracle Walked In…


We’ve been in another week of prayer this week – the whole week with the whole staff! This is our second day. The worship is incredible – deep and heavenly. And the prayer – dynamite! we know that we know God is doing kingdom business.

In the afternoon, a 45-year-old South Sudanese Muslim man named Ishmael walked in the doors of the House of Prayer. He came in looking for Jesus. He walked down to the front, got on his knees, and in the midst of our worship – as we explained the message of salvation to him – he prayed to receive Jesus.  He began sobbing and sobbing and sobbing.

Tears of Joy

A visiting team member named Daniel, knelt down in front Ishmael and threw his arms around him, and Ishmael wept and wept on his neck- just like a child. All I could see was the prodigal who had come home and the father who fell on the neck of his son and just wept! They wept together with worship filling the air as the rest of us prayed over this precious scene. Then we prayed over much more in Ishmael’s life – breaking off past bondage and cult activity and then for an infilling of the Holy Spirit.


This went on for a time, and the presence of God was so powerful in the place. The scene was like something right out of heaven. When the weeping was done, we asked Ishmael if he would like to share his testimony. He was eager to.

The Road “Home”

He is a South Sudanese from Eastern Equatoria and fought as a soldier in bloody battles for almost 20 years. He saw tragedy and horror. He isolated himself from other people and found solace in graveyards. After a time, he entered deep into the occult and began drinking blood with an intense thirst for it, finding people to attack or kill, just to drink their blood. When he couldn’t get a life, for the thirst for blood, he would cut himself, and such his own blood (and showed us the scars on his arms), until that ‘thirst’ was satisfied.

He never knew his parents but heard they had fled to Uganda, so he came to Lira looking for them. He found the refugee camp where their names were listed, but was told they had already died. So, he continued to walk to Gulu – by foot- exhausting all his resources to look for his deceased parents. His luggage and clothes were taken from him in Lira, since he had run out of money to pay his room fee. He walked into Gulu with nothing, having eaten for the last few days but a little soup given him that morning by a lady.

He said in South Sudan he had lots of money, good jobs, and never lacked anything. But when he arrived by foot to Gulu after several days of walking without food, he realized Muhamed could not help him and never had, though he had been a Muslim all his life. He was ready to end his life, but felt he needed to try Jesus first. He began looking for a church, and heard the singing coming from the House of Prayer this Tuesday afternoon.

In Walked a Miracle

When he walked in the door, ragged, thin, bedraggled, wearing his Muslim hat, he knew exactly what he wanted. He came to find Jesus! Can you believe? A South Sudanese Muslim, whose nation we had just been weeping for all morning!! Coming in and just asking for Jesus!! His English is amazing, and we gave him a Bible immediately.

After his testimony, we worshiped in Arabic, singing the song “Rabboni,” and Ishmael was on his knees worshiping with us. He said later Jesus was speaking to him and telling him what cities he needed to go to, to preach Jesus in South Sudan.


We fed him supper, he went to our radio studio to listen to our visiting team teaching tonight, and he is spending the night in a room at our House of Prayer, and some of our men are with him.

I encouraged Ishmael to stay around for 3 weeks and go through our REEP training. As he was with our team members this evening, he was constantly reading his Bible and talked about much about his heart to preach, saying,  “I’m called to preach.’ I will be ready to preach quickly. I must win the Muslims to Jesus.”

What an amazing day!! One of the very keys to the heart of the Islamic people, in South Sudan- God brought walking through the door of our House of Prayer in Gulu, because we were on our knees weeping for that nation today. What an amazing God!!

With a heart of love and praise,
Carole and the Favor Team

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