A Damascus Road Experience

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A Damascus Road Experience

Photo by Rafaela Külkamp Eyng

Wow! I have never in my life seen such an “extreme transformation” from one end of darkness into the power of light so radically and instantly!!

A Damascus Road Experience

As I wrote in yesterday’s testimony of  Ishmael’s conversion, he spent the night at the House of Prayer. Cosmas stayed with him, and they read the word together into the evening. Often when someone comes out of the occult, there is a lot of continual prayer and deliverance and pouring in of the Word that must occur over the next 24 hours. But during the previous day when Ishmael repented, wept, renounced and made the decision of life to go after Jesus with everything in him, we  prayed for all the strongholds of darkness that had pursued him, entangled him, gripped him and were taking him into death to be instantly broken. And they were. He was totally and instantly set free.

We prayed for him to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and to overcome darkness and temptation, persecution and rejection that he might have to face. We prayed for the wisdom of the Lord to be abundantly downloaded on him and the peace of God to overwhelm him like a flood. We prayed for the Spirit of God to be his teacher, helper, comforter, counselor, and ever-present Guide.


Photo by Rafaela Külkamp Eyng

In that time of weeping together with him on the floor, saturating him with faith-filled intercession, surrounding him with the love of the body of Christ, holding him in the embrace of the Father, and letting him bask in the awesome presence of an Almighty God – he had his Damascus road experience.

Ishmael had supper that night with our team, went to our radio studio and watched them preach the Gospel on air, and then slept in the House of Prayer, with Cosmas reading scriptures with him before retiring.


Photo by Rafaela Külkamp Eyng

When I saw Ishmael the next morning, he was clean and dressed in the clothes our team had given him. He was radiant with a beam that I couldn’t capture with a camera even if I wanted to – as if he had just seen heaven! And he had.

No Turning Back

He grabbed his Bible, and he couldn’t wait to tell me, “This is the dream Jesus gave me in the night, and He spoke into my heart.” And he began reading John 15 to me, fresh, powerful, words of life and truth that had pierced and penetrated his heart.

Then he got out a piece of paper and read the names of three cities in South Sudan, which I know of. He said, “Jesus told me to go to these cities and talk about His salvation to whomever I meet. Even if it’s under mango trees, I will preach about Him wherever I go.”

But he said, “First I have to go back to Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan and tell my family what I’ve found in Uganda, that my parents are both dead.” Then I will tell them the decision I have made to follow Jesus. I am a Christian now. I know I will face persecution, but I will preach about Jesus the rest of my life.”

He said, “I will stand strong. If I vomited in a cup, would I ever drink it down again? I would never. And neither will I ever go backwards to Islam again. I was dying, and about to end my life. I would rather die with this peace and the truth in my life, than ever go back to drink that vomit of death.”

A Free Man

As we started into our day of prayer as a team again – in the midst of this incredible week of prayer and fasting for revival, for the harvest, for nations, and seeing such a radical conversion before our eyes – we danced with greater joy, faith, and rejoicing than ever before. Ishmael danced and danced with the team, beaming from ear to ear. What a picture of a free man!


Photo by Rafaela Külkamp Eyng

At our noon hour teaching time, when the community joins us for Worship and the Word, Ishmael stood giving his testimony, radiant, powerful, confident in his new found faith. He was a military Major in the South Sudan army, fighting for 25 years. He had been born a Muslim and was always a Muslim, his whole life. But he met Jesus yesterday, and for the first time in his life, he found life! And now he is “one day old!’ He said beaming and laughing, “And I ate pork last night for the first time in my life. I asked them to feed me pork! It’s really really good! I am a free man!”

Then he said “Watch me, in 5 months, I will stand here preaching to you the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with knowledge and understanding.” He danced, he prayed, he filled himself with the Word, he lay on his face in worship before his own Father, and he basked in the love and healing of the whole team around him.

At the end of the day, he said, “I must go. I must go and tell my family, the decision I have made, and that my father and mother are gone. I must face their persecution, but I won’t stay there long.”

The Sending

We prayed around Ishmael, circled him with intercession, spoke the Word over him, and gave many many embraces. He will connect to our South Sudanese brothers, as soon as he reaches Juba on his way to his home state. He will have a place to stay there to be refreshed, filled, prayed over, grounded in the Word, discipled, and accompanied in his calling to reach more cities for Jesus, at just the right time.

Pray for Ishmael with us – pray for his faith, his strength, and endurance to face his family without fear or wavering. Pray for the boldness he needs to speak Jesus into their lives. We prayed with him Acts 16:31- “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” We gave him many scriptures he would need, and the funds he would need for his trip.

We will see Ishmael again in South Sudan, see him grow, and see him being used by God as a key into the heart of Islam in that nation and northward!!

Immeasurably More

Who would have ever thought that God would bring this staunch Muslim in hopeless despair from South Sudan – a man with education, the military ranks of a major, who knows how to fight, who went deep into the occult, who despaired of his life and was ready to commit suicide – who would have thought God would bring him walking through the doors of the House of Prayer in Gulu, where we were weeping for the harvest in the two nations of Uganda and South Sudan.

God answers prayer! Above and beyond what we ask, think, or imagine possible!
Keep Ishmael much in prayer! He is a key in the hands of the Father, to so so many more souls in the bondage of Islam!

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