Aweil Report: The Road Home

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Wednesday, February 6

The next morning we arose refreshed, prayed again over our team and vehicle and the rest of the team in the truck ahead of us (whom we had no phone contact with), and – without even checking for safety – started out on the pitted road to Rumbek where the killing and raiding took place the night before.  If we drove through any danger that day, we never knew it. We just sang and shared and laughed together, as we traveled under the “secret place of the Most High God” (Psa. 91) and the “highway of holiness” (Isa. 35:8) where no unclean thing can pass.

We drove fourteen hours that day, stopping at lunchtime to buy roasted fish that had been caught in a tributary of the Nile. We stopped occasionally to stretch or just long enough to walk a little in the jungle bushes and then proceeded on our way.

Nightfall came, and we had passed Rumbek (where our crusade was held last July, 2012). We had stopped on the way up to Aweil to pray with Daniel, the Minister of Development. At that time, the Governor had just been overthrown and fighting and killing was intense in the city. Now a Governor had been appointed by the President, but elections for this new position would be taking place soon and there was much instability. However, Daniel had testified of God’s present goodness and change in so many areas of the city, since we had been there last July. We praised God again and prayed for His peace to remain in that town as we drove through Rumbek and headed to Yirol.

Yirol is the last little town on the long, deserted roads that stretch hundreds of miles across eastern South Sudan. Though it was nightfall when we reached Yirol, we kept driving, eager to reach Juba sometime that night.

God kept us safely on our journey over the dark, winding roads, hour after hour, and we breathed a sigh of gratitude as we finally rolled into the city of Juba.

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