Aweil Crusade Preparation: The Last Leg

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Aweil Crusade Preparation: The Last Leg
Dry, Dusty Road

The Last Leg of the Trip

After hours of driving past Rumbek, we reached the town of Tonj. We got out to stretch, buy a little food along the roadside, and then proceed to Wau. We would now be driving after dark, but the townspeople assured us that the roads were okay. Wau is the place of last January’s huge crusade.

We drove through the darkness, with no light except the stars shining brightly and our headlights beaming faithfully along the bumpy dirt road hour after hour (as well as the pillar of fire which proceeded ahead of us!).

We reached Wau at 9:30 in the evening, and drove to Uncle Amos’ little compound. The family welcomed us with joy and began relating the stories and miracles of the Wau crusade, which were still being talked about all over town.

We rested in Wau Wednesday evening and, Thursday morning, proceeded to the Governor’s office before driving on. The Commissioner welcomed us with joy, and said that just two days earlier, we had been strongly on his heart, and he was wondering how to get a hold of us. Now here we were, by God’s divine grace, sitting in his office, encouraging him in the Lord, and praying with him once again.

The Governor was busy with lots of things to handle, but requested that we come through Wau on our return and meet with him. We assured him we would.

We then proceeded from Wau to Aweil – Another five-plus hours of hot, dry, barren, dusty, and pitted roads.

But God was in the car!! And God was on the truck!!

In Aweil!

On Thursday evening after our four day journey, we reached Aweil. We collapsed with exhaustion late Thursday evening, after finding places for everyone to bed down. Most of the team slept under the stars on the ground, choosing a bit of “hot,” fresh air over a stuffy room with no ventilation, fans, or electricity. The dwelling places around the town are mostly made of woven grass, and water has to be carried from a distance in the 20 liter plastic“jeri cans.”The heat was thick and the mosquitos even thicker, but we all slept peacefully (in total exhaustion) just knowing we had reached our final destination.

Friday morning we heard that two soldiers had just been killed by the warring Dinka tribes on the road right behind us. But God had brought us through safely!!

Following the truck around town announcing the crusade and handing out flyers.

Preparing for the Field for Harvest!

Friday found us driving fervently around town, to locate a small generator, to set up speakers on the top of the land cruiser, to run the generator inside the back of the car, and to drive around town announcing the crusade. Most of the posters that had been put up on trees and walls around the town had been removed by the people to decorate their houses, so we formed teams of Sudanese youth to begin covering the market places, posts, trees and business walls with posters again.

Radio announcements will be made on the little station in town, and the team will begin the tedious work of setting up the massive platform, lighting, sound system, and generator which were on the truck. The crusade field is massive and can easily hold 1-2 million people. Prayer teams are praying, and nets are being mended for the coming harvest!

Thank you for praying with us, and being a part of this tremendous harvest we are believing God for in Aweil!!


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