Nodding Disease Attack On Children In Northern Uganda

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Nodding Disease Attack On Children In Northern Uganda

Another one of these “epidemics” which is targeting children in northern Uganda, is called “Nodding Disease”- named this by news reporters and UN medical doctors. It’s one of the most ghastly and feared attacks seen. Under the examination and study of these “professionals,” there is no cause and no cure for this disease. But we are well aware that it is a plan of the enemy to arrest, cripple and take captive a whole generation who has survived the war.

The manifestations of this disease are seizures, instant trances which lead the children off into the bush and jungle and into rivers and fires where they fall in and die. Over 600 children have died already of this disease already, and still with no “cause” or “cure.” The Minister of Health in Uganda, finally admitted quietly after the last research trip, “this thing is spiritual.”

The children affected, say that as the disease starts, they see unknown figures, appearing as short military soldiers, armed with guns, who have come to take them away. Then the symptoms begin. They lapse into trances, lose appetite, and quickly become emaciated. They begin drooling and are extremely lethargic. They begin “nodding” and some go into seizures. They can never be left alone; lest a trance or seizure throw them into a fire and they die.  Sometimes a trance causes a child to wander into the bush, and they are found dead later. The disease can take a life within 3 days, or last as long as 3 years before a child dies of starvation or accident. Some are hospitalized and symptoms treated, as their little body wastes away. It’s debilitating and terrifying to the whole family, and the parents suffer deeply with grief, watching their child slowly and sometimes quickly pass away.

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