Ministry Updates – “Let us Rise up and Build!” (Neh. 2:18)

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Ministry Updates – “Let us Rise up and Build!” (Neh. 2:18)

The House of Hope children’s choir ministers in dance and drama to multitudes!

House of Hope Village

  • Construction is progressing!
  • The House of Hope children’s choir ministers in dance and drama to multitudes!
  • Our children continue to grow in wisdom and hunger for the Lord and to be used by God in their schools, communities, church, and other outreach.
  • Peter and Natalie Wilson and their family have joined our Children’s village team in Gulu!

A finished House of Hope building

Primary School

  • The new year begins on the Jan 28th, with 403 students.
  • It remains one of the highest academic and spiritual schools in all of Gulu!
  • This is the first year we plan to see the school completely financially self-sustaining.
  • We would like to break ground for the building of our school on our own property.

Church Planting

  • Our first church plant in Gulu – Faith Centre – will be the mother church and a home base for discipleship, leadership training, and church plants for northern Uganda and South Sudan.
  • After opening Faith Centre 8 months ago, there are over 1,000 growing believers.
  • Radio ministry continues weekly, reaching the lost and broadcasting powerful teaching.
  • Volunteer church team is strong, active, and developing diversified leaders.

Bible College

  • Construction continues to progress!  Our first building is open for use!
  • The building is being used for retreats – youth, prayer, and other conferences.
  • Bible School training began in July and is progressing with intense discipleship.
  • The 2020 Vision for South Sudan leadership training is in place and ready for activation as the funds come in (1,000 churches planted, 1,000 pastors trained, and 20 million souls brought into the Kingdom by 2020!).

Mission Outreaches

  • Wau and Rumbek Crusades in South Sudan- winning masses to salvation, strengthening local believers, adding new churches to the regions, and winning government leaders to Jesus.
  • Northern Uganda – The Nodding Disease epidemic was targeted in prayer and ministry. An estimated 1.8 M souls came into the Kingdom in these missions.
  • Bibles – Over 1,000 were distributed throughout Uganda and South Sudan.

Favor Of God Ministry Team

  • We have downsized our staff this year from 75 full-time employees to 5.
  • These committed team members continue to run the ministry vision with passion.



Jesus said, “…Say not, ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest?  Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest…” (meaning the fruit is ripe for harvest right now).

Could it be, that what is ripe today will be rotten tomorrow, if it is not gathered in?

Will you help us gather, while it is still day? These are our needs for closing out 2012 and starting 2013.

1) Completion of construction of House of Hope, Children’s Village: $20,000 remaining.  $40,000 has already come in!

2) Evangelism and Discipleship in South Sudan: We are launching another massive evangelistic outreach in South Sudan to bring over 500,000 souls into the Kingdom of God. Following the mission, the ‘2020 Vision’ (once activated) will provide discipleship, pastoral training, and church planting throughout this new nation.  We need $16,500 for the first 40 pastors to train, equip, and send them out to plant the first 40 churches. $3,500 has already come in.

Acts 12:24 – “But the word of God grew and multiplied…”

Thank you for being a part of this incredible multiplication this last year! We look forward to moving together with you into another awesome year of harvest.

In the Father’s love,
Carole Ward

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  1. Giant faith attracts giant blessing
    Disatisfaction is the seed for change – i prsy for Heaven to be open daily upon Favor og God and the Team
    Glory be to God.

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