Children at Sacred Heart Girls’ School in Gulu, Set Free!

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Sacred Heart, a girl’s Catholic school here in Gulu, with over 2,000 students was also closed down last week. Before the school closed, the parents of the demonically oppressed children- hundreds of them, secretly brought them from school to the House of Prayer, where they knew they could be prayed for and set free.

They came during the Noon hour prayer gathering, with 2-3 adults carrying and restraining each child. As they were carried in, bodily thrashing, and out of control, they were laid on the floor of the prayer house, one girl after another. Our prayer team went to work, and praying fervently over each child, saw the power of God deliver one after another. Peace would flood the girls and as they got up from the floor, and dropped to their knees, their hands lifted to Jesus, they gave Him their lives, one after another. What a scene!

Then the city officials and police asked our prayer team to come and pray at the school grounds so the campus could re-open. Jesus was known as the Healer and Deliverer in Gulu, again!

Over 100 girls and their parents were in church with us on Sunday, picking up their own Bibles, and openly dedicating their lives to following the things they would read.

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