The Women of Bobi: Pigs and Progress

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The Women of Bobi: Pigs and Progress


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The Women of Bobi making plans

It has been two months since the women of Bobi received their piglets, and it is amazing to see the sheer joy in their eyes and smiles on their faces as they envision what the future has to offer.

In developing their project, these women have taken a large step from total dependency toward self-reliance. The women now meet regularly, and have even begun to work on their constitution as a group. This will allow them to register with the county. It will also allow them to begin their own savings and loan program.

Janet and built her pigpen with reeds and tree branches

Janet and the pigpen her husband helped her build

The women have also enjoyed the interpersonal impact of the pig project on their families and community. From the start, their husbands willingly became involved by helping to build pig pens. And now, when the women are unable to attend meetings, the husbands attend in their stead.  Some of the elder children and other women, have also begun to join the training meetings in order to learn how to better their own lives.


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  1. Love it Carole!!!!

  2. Wow! What an amazing Job. I heard about how there is an Australian organisation called Project Outward who is providing the finance to make this all happen. Love seeing organisations work together to achieve such amazing outcomes!!

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