Success – By God’s Measure

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Success – By God’s Measure


God spoke to me to today, and said to my heart, “How do you measure success? Is your standard the same standard of measurement that I use?” As I began writing my standard down for the measurement of success, I realized, it was the same as His.

Most measure it by money and how much they have accumulated, or achieved, or “arrived at their goals.”

But God measures it by maturity – for only a mature tree, produces fruit- and He is very much after fruit (fruit of His character AND Kingdom fruitfulness in our lives- but they are only a natural byproduct as we mature in Him)
Success is measured by motives that have been purified for Kingdom thinking.
It is measured by mentality, transformed by the power of His Word.
It is measured by the marriage of our hearts to His, in the daily living out our “first love.”
It is measured in memories that have been healed,
And meaning that has been restored to each life.

Those are His measurements of success, and no one can really define the depth or breadth of them in each of your hearts, but the fruit of it is there, and the Father sees how greatly you have succeeded!


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