The Birth of Favor FM 93.3

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The Birth of Favor FM 93.3
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Slow traveling down a dusty, rutted road.

Have you ever walked seven days in the blazing hot African sun, in over 100′ temperature, barefoot, and with 2 children in hand, little food or water, but trudging on day after day, just to find the place where you heard there would be teaching about a man called “Jesus.”

Well Susa did. (Her name has been changed to protect her identity.) She knew she had to get there. It didn’t matter to her if she died on the way. What other hope did she have? Where else could she turn? She had heard a little announcement from the village radio, over the airwaves of the government station in far northwestern South Sudan.


Her home had been in Sudan, where she was born to the tall dark parents of the Dinka tribe. She had spent her life in hard rigorous work, digging in fields and trying to garden in desert heat. Guns, bombs, air raids, and constant running and hiding in the bush had been her life since she the day she was born.


Our team traveled from Gulu, Uganda to Juba, South Sudan. Susa made the journey form the border between Sudan and South Sudan to our crusade site on foot.

When the nation of South Sudan was formed, she and her two sons were evicted from Sudan, the only home she had known. Forced to flee from Sudan to this new nation, she settled in a refugee camp in the Northern Bahr El Ghazal state. At that time, Favor of God Ministries was renting a little air time on a government radio station in Northern Bahr El Ghazal to announce the dates our team would be on the ground, sharing the truth and power the Gospel.

The day Susa heard the news of where Jesus was being preached on the small village radio, she determined in her heart she must go. She must hear about this man who could change her life and give her hope. What hope did she have for her children? All they had ever known was war, starvation, famine, hunger, gun fire, and hiding.

Barefoot with a little food and water for the journey for her and her two children, they made the seven-day journey to find the message of love, healing, and hope, that they had been told about.

A Near Miss

Susa and her sons arrived on the last day of our seven-day crusade. After the week of evangelism, door-to-door outreach, teaching, pastor’s training, and Bible distribution, our exhausted team was loading our vehicle and rented truck, eager to be on the road.

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Packing the truck.

We knew we had a hot, five-day journey back to Juba over dusty, horrifically rugged and dangerous roads. In that last hour as our team packed, these three weary strangers stumbled into our camp.

Worn and devastated that she had missed the whole week of meetings and teaching, she felt she had lost her last strand of hope to ever meet this man called Jesus who could change her life, and she fell to her knees sobbing.

We came and embraced her, loved her and the children, and began to tell them the stories of Jesus. Her eyes lit up with hope, her heart embraced the truth, and the smile that crossed her face was worth more than a million dollars. She and her sons knelt right there in the dirt with us, as they asked Jesus to come into their hearts.

04 -Susa&Sons_IMG_0473 copy2 copy

Praying for Susa and her children.

What a dance there was in heaven that day! We rejoiced with her, fed her, gave her a Bible, and led her to the nearest pastor to begin discipleship.

Divine Delays

The delayed departure was worth the transfer of three more lives into the Kingdom of light! But that “divine delay” also saved our own lives on the road ahead of us.

Late in the day, as we finally drove south in a caravan with the truck and land cruiser, the South Sudanese military pulled us off the road and said, “You can’t go past this checkpoint. Pull over and find a place to sleep for the night. The cattle raiders have come with guns and there has been killing all along the roadside. They are waiting in ambush for the next travelers, but the South Sudanese forces have come with reinforcement. We’ll let you know when it’s safe to continue.’”

05 -SudaneseSoldier_IMG_0102 copy copy

A South Sudanese soldier.

We had to pull over and find a resting place. The delay at the northern camp to lead Susa and her sons to Jesus kept us from driving right into the middle of an ambush and massacre along the road we traveled.

Our delays may be God’s protection from unknown dangers!


Traveling with the Team.

What a story we had in our hearts as we drove home, seeing Susa and her sons running into the embrace of a healing and loving Savior! It was worth it all!

A Burning Vision

But the message continued to grip us, pounding with deeper intensity in the hearts of our team. What if that very radio which had announced the arrival of our team on the ground, had been airing stories of Jesus? What if the messages of salvation and truth had been airing – messages that could set a thousand other Susa’s free and change their lives when we weren’t there?

What if she could have heard that news daily, in her own little village, as the resettling community of refugees gathered around their camp fires every night, as they traditionally do, listening to the stories about Jesus from the radio of the one person in the camp who owned one?


A large refugee camp of “internally displaced people.”

Missionaries of old, as in Hudson Taylor’s day, would pack their belongings in a box and set sail over the waves of rough and unknown seas to reach islands and lands where the Gospel was needed the most. What if today we could now send the Truth over the airwaves at an accelerated speed, to reach the “unreachable” people –  those villages and tribes who have never heard the Gospel message?

Radio burned again in our hearts. We must get the truth over the waves of the air!
Bullets and bombs can never stop it. Guns and evil can never shoot it down. Electricity or internet access could never shorten its reach. Lack of literacy could never stop it from entering thousands of hearts, and lack of roads, and ambushes along treacherous terrain could never interfere with the message of freedom and truth!

The Gospel Unchained

Could this be one of the most powerful and fastest tools for transformation? Most rural people don’t read yet. Most don’t have televisions, electricity, or internet. But everyone has a radio! And everyone can hear truth and transformation, from children to the elders!

Daily, whether we were present or not, prisoners could be set free, thousands could come to the Light, and truth could push back the deception and darkness! Children could be taught and won to Jesus at an early age! Men and women could learn about farming, families, health, and healing for their hearts! They could learn how to worship, sing again, and to be restored to their purpose and destiny from the  inside out!

The vision for a Christian radio station was birthed in our hearts as a Favor team, 12 years ago, when the ministry first started during the horrific twenty-year LRA war. This goal has never left our hearts or our altars of prayer for northern Uganda and now South Sudan and Sudan.

Dreams to Destiny

In 2014 Favor FM 93.3 went on the air, bringing these messages of salvation and healing to the Gulu area. Though the equipment is old and rented, the Word of God is fresh and powerful. Listeners are calling in by the dozens daily with testimonies of healing and transformation and questions of discipleship! We are so grateful for each and every life! But, what if men, women, children, families, widows, government officials, farmers, health workers, and pastors all across Uganda and South Sudan could be reached in their very own language 24/7 in every village, any time of the day or night, with truth, discipleship, worship, teaching, and transformation? It’s possible!


Favor FM 93.3 staff posing from the radio studio.

Believe with us for God’s light to push back the darkness and evil, that will so persistently advance, unless we advance faster.

Will you help us reach them?

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